Learn Gardening Tools Vocabulary in English

Learn Gardening Tools vocabulary in English through picture.

Gardening Tools Vocabulary

Gardening Tools Vocabulary 

  • Grass – a very common plant with thin leaves that covers the ground in fields and gardens and is often eaten by animals
  • Fence – a structure made of wood, metal,… that surrounds a piece of land
  • Flower bed – an area of ground, for example in a garden, in which flowers are grown
  • Flowerpot – a plastic or clay pot in which you grow plants
  • Axe – a tool with a heavy metal blade on the end of a long handle, used to cut down trees or split pieces of wood
  • Gardening fork – a garden tool used for digging, with a handle and three or four points
  • Rake – a gardening tool with a row of metal teeth at the end of a long handle, used for making soil level, gathering up dead leaves
  • Wheelie bin (U.K)/ Recycling bin (U.S) – a large container with wheels, that you keep outside your house for putting waste into
  • Boots – a type of shoe that covers your whole foot and the lower part of your leg
  • Watering can – a container used for pouring water on garden plants
  • Shovel – a tool with a rounded blade and a long handle used for moving earth, stones, …
  • Plant pot – a plant that is grown indoors in a pot
  • Seed – a small hard object produced by plants, from which a new plant of the same kind grows
  • Garden trowel – a garden tool like a very small spade
  • Tap – a piece of equipment for controlling the flow of water from a pipe or container
  • Lawn mower – a machine that you use to cut grass
  • Wheelbarrow – a small cart with one wheel and two handles that you use outdoors to carry things, especially in the garden
  • Fertilizer – a substance that is put on the soil to make plants grow

In the Garden Vocabulary | Image

In the Garden Vocabulary 

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Valiant Arborist
Valiant Arborist
3 years ago

Great!! the tools meaning you mention in this article is superb and useful for every gardener as well as a student also.

the infographic in your article helps us to know more and easy to understand the gardening tools.

Recently we wrote a blog on essential GARDENING TOOLS – https://valiantarborist.com/blog/essential-gardening-tools-infographic/

Visit above link hope you get some use out of it.

2 years ago

Thank you so much for your article. It really gives me information that I am looking for 

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