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English Vocabulary: House Cleaning

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Learn Useful English Vocabulary for House Cleaning through Pictures and Video.

English Vocabulary for House Cleaning

Cleaning Tools & Equipment

English Vocabulary for House Cleaning

English Vocabulary: House Cleaning 1

  • Broom:  a tool with a long handle and stiff bristles (usually made of straw or plastic) for sweeping dust, dirt and crumbs from the floor.
  • Duster: a small brush that is used for dusting (removing dust). The bristles are usually softer than a broom and are sometimes made of feathers to dust fragile items.
  • Dustpan:  a pan with a small handle that is used to pick-up dust after it has been swept in a pile with a broom or duster.
  • Vacuum cleaner: an electrical machine that is used for cleaning floors, carpets/rugs, furniture, etc., by sucking the dirt and dust into a bag in the machine.
  • Mop: a tool for cleaning the floor which has a long handle and cloth or a sponge at the end.
  • Sponge mop:  a tool with a long handle and a sponge at the end that is used to clean floors.
  • Bucket:  a container that has a handle and is used for holding water. Buckets are often used when cleaning floors (the mop is dipped into the soapy water in the bucket).
  • Spray bottle / spray cleaner:  a bottle with a spray nozzle attached that sprays (spreads) the cleaning solution or water onto the item being cleaned.
  • Squeegee: a cleaning tool with a a rubber strip on one end and a hangle that is used to wripe liquid across or off the surface of window, floors, shower walls or other surfaces.
  • Plastic gloves:  gloves that are made of plastic and are used to protect the hands while cleaning.
  • Garbage can: a container for garbage.

English Vocabulary: House Cleaning 2

Cleaning Verbs

English Vocabulary: House Cleaning 3




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