English Vocabulary for Fast Food

In this lesson, you will learn English vocabulary for fast food to expand your vocabulary.

English Vocabulary for Fast Food

Fast food is a mass-produced food that is prepared and served very quickly …

This is list of Fast Food vocabulary in English:

Fast Food Vocabulary 

  • Hamburger – a flat round piece of finely cut beef which is cooked and eaten in a bread bun
  • Cheeseburger – a hamburger cooked with a piece of cheese on top of the meat
  • Sandwich – two pieces of bread with cheese, meat, cooked egg etc between them
  • Milk shake – a sweet drink made of milk, ice cream, and fruit or chocolate
  • Muffins – a small, usually sweet cake that sometimes has small pieces of fruit in it
  • Burrito – a Mexican dish made with a tortilla folded around meat or beans with cheese
  • Biscuit (U.K)/ Cookie (U.s) – a small flat sweet cake
  • Taco – a type of Mexican food made from a corn tortilla that is folded in half and filled with meat, beans, …
  • Baguette – a long thin loaf of bread, made especially in France
  • Donut – a small round cake, often in the form of a ring
  • Hot dog – a cooked sausage in a long piece of bread
  • Soft drink – a cold drink that does not contain alcohol
  • Pizza – a food made of thin flat round bread, baked with tomato, cheese, and sometimes vegetables or meat on top
  • Sausage – a small tube of skin filled with a mixture of meat, spices, … eaten hot or cold after it has been cooked
  • Noodle – a long thin piece of food made from a mixture of flour, water, and eggs, usually cooked in soup or boiling water
  • Chip (U.K)/ French fry (U.S) – a long thin piece of potato cooked in oil
  • Pretzel – a hard salty type of bread baked in the shape of a stick or a loose knot
  • Bacon – salted or smoked meat from the back or sides of a pig, often served in narrow thin pieces
  • Pancake – a thin flat round cake made from flour, milk, and eggs, that has been cooked in a flat pan and is eaten hot

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