English Vocabulary: Different Parts of a Bicycle

Learn Different Parts of a Bicycle in English.

A bicycle, also called a cycle or bike, is a human-powered, pedal-driven, single-track vehicle, having two wheels attached to a frame, one behind the other…

Different Parts of a Bicycle and their Functions

  • Bearing: a device that facilitates rotation by reducing friction
  • Brake lever: a lever for actuating a bicycle brake
  • Cable guide: a fitting below the bottom bracket which guides a piece of bare inner bowden cable around a corner
  • Cassette: a group of stacked sprockets on the rear wheel of a bicycle with a rear derailleur
  • Chain: a system of interlinking pins, plates and rollers that transmits power from the front sprocket(s) to the rear sprocket(s)
  • Chainring: (one of the) front gear(s), attached to a crank
  • Chainstay: a pair of tubes on a bicycle frame that runs from the bottom bracket to the rear fork ends
  • Down tube: tube on the bicycle frame that runs from the head tube to the bottom bracket
  • Dropout: a bicycle rear fork end that allows the rear wheel to be removed without first derailing the chain.
  • Dustcap: any cap serving to keep dirt and contamination out of an assembly. Common over crank bolts, often plastic
  • Fairing: a full or partial covering for a bicycle to reduce aerodynamic drag or to protect the rider from the elements
  • Fork: a mechanical assembly that integrates a bicycle’s frame to its front wheel and handlebars, allowing steering by virtue of its steerer tube
  • Fork end: paired slots on a fork or frame at which the axle of the wheel is attached. See also Dropout
  • Frame: the mechanical core of a bicycle, the frame provides points of attachment for the various components that make up the machine.
  • Freewheel: a ratcheting assembly that incorporates one or more cogs and allows the bicycle to coast without the pedals turning
  • Handlebar: a lever attached, usually using an intermediary stem, to the steerer tube of the fork. Allows steering and provides a point of attachment for controls and accessories
    Handlebar plug: see Bar plugs
  • Head tube: the tube of a bicycle frame that contains the headset
  • Headset: the bearings that form the interface between the frame and fork steerer tube
  • Hood: the rubber brake lever covering on bikes with drop style handle bars
  • Inner tube: a bladder that contains air to inflate a tire. Has a Schrader, “Woods”/”Dunlop” or Presta valve for inflation and deflation
  • Rim: that part of a wheel to which the tire is attached and often forms part of the braking mechanism
  • Safety levers: extension levers, and interrupt brake levers. Used to apply brakes in order for the bicycle to slow down or suddenly stop
  • Saddle or Seat: what a bicyclist sits on
  • Seat tube: the roughly vertical tube in a bicycle frame running from the seat to the bottom bracket
  • Seatpost: a post that the seat is mounted to. It slides into the frame’s seat tube and is used to adjust ride height depending how far into the seat tube it is inserted
  • Seatstay: frame components, small diameter tubes running from top of seat tube to rear dropouts
  • Shifter: gear shifting control
  • Top tube: frame member leading from steerer tube to seat tube
  • Wingnut: for attaching wheels before the development of the quick release skewer

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