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English Phrasal Verbs: Actions around the House

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How many of these do you do around the house?

Phrasal Verbs around the House

List of useful Phrasal Verbs around the House in English

1. take out the trash

Meaning: Remove trash from the house

Example: I take out the trash daily.

2. throw (something) away

Meaning: Put something into the trash can/ to discard

Example: She always throws away waste in the trash can.

3. clean up/ tidy up

Meaning: Remove the dirt, stains, and unwanted materials

Example: We spent all Saturday morning cleaning up.

4. hang up your clothes

Meaning: Put your clothes on a hanger to hang in closet

Example: We hang our clothes up in the closet.

5. pick (something) up

Meaning: Remove something from the floor to put into their proper place

Example: Emily always picks the things up from the floor to put them back in their proper place.

6. stock up on (something)

Meaning: Buy a lot of something to fill the refrigerator or pantry

Example: I have to stock up on snacks for the party.

7. take down (a picture)

Meaning: Remove (a picture or object) from the wall

Example: She made us take down all the posters.

8. mop (something) up

Meaning: Use a mop (towel or sponge) to remove liquid from the floor

Example: Mop the sauce up with your bread.

9. sweep (something) up

Meaning: Use a broom to remove small pieces of things/ dirt from the floor

Example: Jan was sweeping up the bits of paper and broken glass.

10. turn on (the lamp/ TV/ …)

Meaning: Give (lamp/ TV/ …) power to start

Example: Do you want me to turn the lights on?

11. turn off (the lamp/ TV/ …)

Meaning: Cause the power of (lamp/ TV/ …) to stop

Example: Don’t forget to turn off the oven.

12. put on the pot/ kettle/ coffee

Meaning: Put (the pot/ kettle/ …) on the stove

Example: Shall I put the kettle on?

13. put on music

Meaning: Turn on the radio or some music

Example: She put on some music while they ate.

14. put out

Meaning: Extinguish/ make a fire stop working

Example: The rescue services are still trying to put out the fires.

15. build on

Meaning: Construct an additional part of to the house, add more space/ room/ …

Example: We’re planning to build on a conservatory.

16. put on clothes

Meaning: Get dressed

Example: He took off his uniform and put on a sweater and trousers.

17. put away your clothes (things)

Meaning: Put items into their proper place

Example: He put his toys away every night.

Phrasal Verbs around the House | Picture

Phrasal Verbs around the House


Tuesday 10th of March 2020