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English Grammar: WH Question Words

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Question words are also called WH questions because they include the letters ‘W’ and ‘H’.

WH Question Words in English


asking for information about something

  • What is your name?


asking for a reason, asking why

  • What did you do that for?


asking about time

  • When did he leave?


asking in or at what place or position

  • Where do they live?


asking about choice

  • Which color do you want?


asking what or which person or people (subject)

  • Who opened the door?


asking what or which person or people (object)

  • Whom did you see?


asking about ownership

  • Whose are these keys?
  • Whose turn is it?


asking for reason, asking what…for

  • Why do you say that?

Why don’t   

making a suggestion

  • Why don’t I help you?


asking about manner

  • How does this work?

asking about condition or quality

  • How was your exam?

How far  


  • How far is it from Australia to New Zealand?

How long  

length (time or space)

  • How long will it take?

How many

quantity (countable)

  • How many cars are there?

How much          

quantity (uncountable)

  • How much money do you have?

How old           


  • How old are you?

WH Question Words in English | Image

WH Question words in English

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