English Grammar: The Future Continuous Tense

The English language has several tenses that allow speakers to express actions and events that happen at different times. One of these tenses is the future continuous, which is used to describe actions that will be in progress at a specific time in the future.

In this article, we will explore the use and formation of the future continuous tense in-depth, and provide examples to help readers improve their understanding and mastery of this important aspect of English grammar.

How to Use the Future Continuous Tense

The future continuous is made up of two elements: the simple future of the verb ‘to be’ + the present participle (will + be + verb-ing)

  • Interrupted actions in the future              

When you come tomorrow, they will be playing tennis.

  • Actions in progress at a specific time in the future 

At 12 o’clock tomorrow,we will be having lunch at school.

  • Refer to actions that are already happening now and expected to continue some time in the future (combined with ‘still’)       

Unfortunately, sea levels will still be rising in 20 years.

  • To ask question politely about the future        

Will you be bringing your friend to the party tonight?

  • Emphasis of future plans and intentions          

He‘ll be coming to visit us next week.

  • Atmosphere in the future                            

When I arrive at the party everybody will be celebrating, some will be dancing, other will be talking.

  • Parallel actions or series of parallel actions in the future                

She will be watching TV, and he will be cooking dinner.

Time Expressions in the Future Continuous Tense

  • in the future
  • next week
  • next time
  • next year
  • at this moment next year
  • at present next friday
  • at this time tomorrow
  • at 5 p.m tomorrow
  • at noon tomorrow
  • by next Friday
  • by the time the meeting starts
  • by the end of the week
  • by the time the concert begins

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