English Grammar: The Future Continuous Tense

What is the future continuous tense and how is it properly used?

Forming the Future Continuous Tense

The future continuous is made up of two elements: the simple future of the verb ‘to be’ + the present participle (will + be + verb-ing)

How to Use the Future Continuous Tense

  • Interrupted actions in the future              

When you come tomorrow, they will be playing tennis.

  • Actions in progress at a specific time in the future 

At 12 o’clock tomorrow,we will be having lunch at school.

  • Refer to actions that are already happening now and expected to continue some time in the future (combined with ‘still’)       

Unfortunately, sea levels will still be rising in 20 years.

  • To ask question politely about the future        

Will you be bringing your friend to the party tonight?

  • Emphasis of future plans and intentions          

He‘ll be coming to visit us next week.

  • Atmosphere in the future                            

When I arrive at the party everybody will be celebrating, some will be dancing, other will be talking.

  • Parallel actions or series of parallel actions in the future                

She will be watching TV, and he will be cooking dinner.

Time Expressions in the Future Continuous Tense

  • in the future
  • next week
  • next time
  • next year
  • at this moment next year
  • at present next friday
  • at this time tomorrow
  • at 5 p.m tomorrow

Future Continuous Tense | Picture

Future Continuous Tense

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