Modal Verb in English Grammar

A modal verb in English is a small class of auxiliary verbs used to express possibility, obligation, …

A modal auxiliary verb gives information about the function of the main verb that it governs.

A modal verb is a type of verb that is used to indicate modality – that is: likelihood, ability, permission and obligation. Examples include the English verbs can/ could, may/ might, must, will/ would and shall/ should. In English, modal verbs are often distinguished as a class based on certain grammatical properties.

Modal Verbs in English

  • Can

Gabriella can speak French fluently.

You can take a taxi.

Can I have a drink, please?

  • Be able to

He is able to find any street in London.

  • Can’t

That story can’t be true.

  • Could

The teacher said we could all go home.

Could you help me with these boxes?

You could ask your doctor for a check-up.

  • May

may be late, so don’t wait for me.

May I come in?

  • Might

She might not want to come with us.

  • Must

All passengers must wear seat belts.

His new car must have cost around £20,000.

  • Have to

It’ll have to be on a Sunday. I’ll be working every other day.

  • Need to

He needs to see a doctor straightaway.

  • Should

You should read his new book.

  • Ought to

You really ought to quit smoking.

  • Needn’t

needn’t have put on this thick coat.

  • Mustn’t

You mustn’t tell Jerry what I’ve bought.

  • Don’t have to

You don’t have to call a taxi.

Modal Verbs in English | Images

Modal Verb in English GrammarPin

Modal Verbs in EnglishPin

Modal Verbs in EnglishPin

Modal Verbs in EnglishPin

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erna wermescher
erna wermescher
3 years ago

please send me the Modal Verbs table
Thank you
Yours :Erna

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