English Grammar: Measure Words with Uncountable Nouns

Measure words are words that are used in combination with a numeral to indicate an amount of something represented by some noun.

Measure Words with Uncountable Nouns

List of Measure Words with Uncountable Nouns:

A glass of

  • a glass of water
  • a glass of milk
  • a glass of soda

A cup of

  • a cup of coffee
  • a cup of tea
  • a cup of milk

A bowl of

  • a bowl of cereal
  • a bowl of rice
  • a bowl of soup

A slice of

  • a slice of bread
  • a slice of meat
  • a slice of cheese

A carton of

  • a carton of ice cream
  • a carton of milk
  • a carton of juice

A piece of

  • a piece of advice
  • a piece of furniture
  • a piece of luggage

A roll of

  • a roll of tape
  • a roll of toilet paper

A bag of

  • a bag of sugar
  • a bag of flour
  • a bag of rice

A grain of

  • a grain of rice
  • a grain of sand
  • a grain of truth

A drop of

  • a drop of blood
  • a drop of oil
  • a drop of water

A bottle of

  • a botttle of water
  • a bottle of soda
  • a bottle of wine

A roll of

  • a roll of tape
  • a roll of toilet paper

A tank of

  • a tank of gas

A tube of

  • a tube of toothpaste

A can of

  • a can of beer

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Ahmad Talha Ansari
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Said Mohamed ali
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