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English Grammar: Have and Have Got

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Learn the Use of Have vs. Have Got and the Difference Between HAVE and HAVE GOT in English.

Have and Have got | Video

Learn the Difference Between HAVE and HAVE GOT in English.


  • Positive: S + have/has
  • Negative: S + do not (don’t)/does not (doesn’t)+ have
  • QuestionDo/Does + S + have…?

Have Got

  • Positive: S + have got (‘ve got)/has got (‘s got)
  • Negatice: S + have not (haven’t) /has not (hasn’t) + got
  • Question: Have/Has + S + got…?

How to Use Have and Have got

  • To talk about the things we possess

have/have got a new mobile phone.

Paul doesn’t have/hasn’t got a car.

  • To talk about our relationships with other people

Jane has/has got a brother.

  • To talk about what we look like

She has/has got blue eyes.

  • To talk about sickness or temporary state

have/ I’ve got a cold.

They have/have got a problem.


1. Use have (not have got) to talk about things we do (meals,holidays…) and with a bath, a shower, or a wash:

  • have a cup of coffee at seven o’clock.
  • Do you normally have a big breakfast?
  • Have a good holiday!
  • She’s having a shower at the moment.
  • I always have a wash before I go out.

2. We don’t use got in short answers:

  • Have you got a dog?
    No, I haven’t.

Have and Have Got | Picture

Have and Have Got


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