25+ Useful English Collocations with GIVE with Examples

Collocations with GIVE in English! The following lesson is the list of English Collocations with GIVE with example sentences and ESL image.

Common Collocations with GIVE

Here is the list of common collocations with the verb GIVE with example sentences:

  • A call (a ring, a buzz)

E.g. Give me a call when you get back from your trip.

  • A chance

E.g. He gave me a chance and I took it gladly.

  • A choice

E.g. I was given no choice; I had to go to the boring lecture.

  • A damn

E.g. She doesn’t give a damn about her job.

  • A hand

E.g. Can I give you a hand with those bags?

  • A headache

E.g. That loud music is giving me a headache.

  • A hug or kiss

E.g. Come here and give me a kiss!

  • A lecture or speech or performance

E.g. The president will give a long speech.

  • A ride

E.g. I’ve got to get into town. Can you give me a ride?

  • Advice

E.g. Would you mind giving me some advice? I’m not sure what to do.

  • An answer

E.g. John always gives perfect answers in class.

  • An example

E.g. John gave Iceland as an example of a cold country.

  • An idea

E.g. He gave an idea for new project so he got a promotion.

  • An opinion

E.g. Many people gave their opinion at the meeting.

  • Birth

E.g. Joanna gave birth to a healthy baby boy.

  • Credit

E.g. I hope the bank gives us credit.

  • Evidence

E.g. Has she agreed to give evidence at the trial?

  • Notice

E.g. When they fired me from my job, they only gave me two weeks’ notice.

  • Permission

E.g. Did your parents give you permission to go to the party?

  • Priority

E.g. On British roundabouts you give priority to traffic from the right.

  • Rise to

E.g. What other problems did the delay give rise to?

  • Sb a call

E.g. I’ll give you a call later in the week.

  • Sb a chance

E.g. All the contestants were given the chance to show off their talent.

  • Sb a lift

E.g. Can you give me lift to the post office on your way to work?

  • Sth a go

E.g. Are you brave enough to give skydiving a go?

  • The impression

E.g. That man gave the impression he wasn’t telling the whole truth.

  • Thought (to)

E.g. I’ll give what you said some thought and get back to you.

  • Way

E.g. I’d nearly finished the marathon when my legs gave way.

  • Way

E.g. In Australia, you have to give way to cars coming from your right.

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