English Collocations with GIVE You Should Learn

When learning English it's important to learn collocations...

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Below is the list of English Collocations with GIVE you should know.

Verb Collocations in English – Video

Common Collocations with GIVE

  • A call (a ring, a buzz)

E.g. Give me a call when you get back from your trip.

  • A chance

E.g. He gave me a chance and I took it gladly.

  • A choice

E.g. I was given no choice; I had to go to the boring lecture.

  • A damn

E.g. She doesn’t give a damn about her job.

  • A hand

E.g. Can I give you a hand with those bags?

  • A headache

E.g. That loud music is giving me a headache.

  • A hug or kiss

E.g. Come here and give me a kiss!

  • A lecture or speech or performance

E.g. The president will give a long speech.

  • A ride

E.g. I’ve got to get into town. Can you give me a ride?

  • Advice

E.g. Would you mind giving me some advice? I’m not sure what to do.

  • An answer

E.g. John always gives perfect answers in class.

  • An example

E.g. John gave Iceland as an example of a cold country.

  • An idea

E.g. He gave an idea for new project so he got a promotion.

  • An opinion

E.g. Many people gave their opinion at the meeting.

  • Birth

E.g. Joanna gave birth to a healthy baby boy.

  • Credit

E.g. I hope the bank gives us credit.

  • Evidence

E.g. Has she agreed to give evidence at the trial?

  • Notice

E.g. When they fired me from my job, they only gave me two weeks’ notice.

  • Permission

E.g. Did your parents give you permission to go to the party?

  • Priority

E.g. On British roundabouts you give priority to traffic from the right.

  • Rise to

E.g. What other problems did the delay give rise to?

  • Sb a call

E.g. I’ll give you a call later in the week.

  • Sb a chance

E.g. All the contestants were given the chance to show off their talent.

  • Sb a lift

E.g. Can you give me lift to the post office on your way to work?

  • Sth a go

E.g. Are you brave enough to give skydiving a go?

  • The impression

E.g. That man gave the impression he wasn’t telling the whole truth.

  • Thought (to)

E.g. I’ll give what you said some thought and get back to you.

  • Way

E.g. I’d nearly finished the marathon when my legs gave way.

  • Way

E.g. In Australia, you have to give way to cars coming from your right.

Common Collocations with GIVE | Image

Collocations with GIVE

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