35 Popular Ways to Say I’m Hungry and I’m Tired

Learn other useful ways to say I’m hungry and I’m tired in English.

Different Ways to Say I’m Hungry

Learn many different ways to say I’m Hungry

1. I’m freaking hungry!

2. I need food!

3. I’m starving!

4. I’m famished!

5. My stomach is growling.

6. I’m so hungry I could eat a scabby horse!

7. I’m so hungry I could eat an ox!

8. My tummy is talking to me.

9. My stomach feels like my throat’s been cut.

10. I’m craving… (when you are hungry for something specific.

11. I’m puckish.

12. I’m hungry as a wolf

13. I’m hungry as a bear.

14. I could eat the north end of a south bound bear.

15. I’ve got the munchies!

Ways to Say I'm Hungry

Different Ways to Say I’m Tired

Learn other ways to say “I’m Tired” in English.

1. I’m beat.

2. I’m exhausted.

3. I’m pooped.

4. I’m worn out.

5. I’m done.

6. I’m sleepy.

7. I’m spent

8. I’m flat out tired.

9. I’m dead on my feet.

10. I’m running on empty.

11. I’m running on fumes.

12. I’m fatigued.

13. I’m tired out.

14. I’m weary.

15. I’m dog tired.

16. I’m tired to the bone.

17. I’m knackered.

18. I’m dragging.

19. I’m bushed

20. I’m dead-tired

Different Ways to Say I’m Tired

35 Popular Ways to Say I'm Hungry and I'm Tired 1

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2 years ago

Thanks a lot, madam.

2 years ago

Is the sentence “I’m puckish” correct?
Puckish means playful right?

7 months ago
Reply to  Jiji


6 months ago

When I say something smells I say This ___ smells of ____

Kossadio Loïc Aimé
Kossadio Loïc Aimé
3 months ago

Thanks I hope all those words will help me boost my vocabulary

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