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Different Types of Breads in English

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Learn different types of breads through pictures.

Types of Breads Vocabulary

Breads Vocabulary 

  • White bread

E.g. Wholemeal bread is more nutritious than white bread.

  • Wheat bread

E.g. Making good wheat bread is a satisfying experience for a number of reasons.

  • Whole grain bread

E.g. Parents were sent weekly and coupons for brown rice, whole grain bread and other healthful foods.

  • Rye bread

E.g. Since it is low in calories, rye bread is ideal for dieters.

  • Hot dog bun

E.g. I had a hot dog bun for breakfast.

  • Hamburger bun

E.g. It’s the hamburger bun what I ordered.

  • Croissant

E.g. She bit into a croissant and took a sip of coffee.

  • Swiss roll (U.K) – jelly roll (U.S)

E.g. I will have black tea with lemon and sugar and a piece of swiss rolljelly roll.

  • Pretzel

E.g. I love pretzels, trail mix, raisins and dried fruit.

  • Bagels

E.g. People are eating bagels for lunch, dinner and snacks in between.

  • Donut

E.g. She is eating a donut, and the powdered sugar makes more spots on her dress.

  • Rolls

E.g. She put some margarine on her roll.

  • Breadsticks

E.g. Would you like some more breadstick?

  • French bread/ baguette

E.g. French bread goes stale very quickly.

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Different Types of Breads in English