Difference between “Used to”, “Be Used to” and “Get Used to”

How to use “Be Used to”, “Get used to” and “Used to” correctly.

Used To – Get Used To – Be Used To | Video

Learn how to use Used To, Get Used To and Be Used To in English Grammar.

Be Used To

We use the structure be used to something/ be used to doing something when we say that we are accustomed to something or something is normal for us, not strange or new.

For examples:

  • Jenny is used to driving on the left.
  • I’m not used to listening to loud music.

Get Used to

We use the structure get used to something/ get used to doing something to say that something is in the process of becoming normal or common.

For examples:

  • Ski instructors get used to cold weather.
  • Cindy had to get used to driving on the left.

Used to do

We use the structure used to do something when we talk about something we did regularly in the past, but do not do it now.

For examples:

  • He used to live in London.
  • We used to live there when I was a child.

Negative form:

Subject + didn’t + use to + V(base).

  • He didn’t use to be a vegetarian.

Question Form:

Did + subject + use to + V(base)?

  • Did he use to work in your office?

Used To – Get Used To – Be Used To | Images

Get Used To

Get Used To – Be Used To

Used To

Used To

Used To - Get Used To – Be Used To

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