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Popular Descriptive Words in English (with Examples)

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Descriptive words in English! The following lesson provides the useful list of descriptive words in English with examples and pictures.

Descriptive Words in English


  • enjoyable: Games can make learning more enjoyable.
  • pleasurable: We do everything we can to make your trip pleasurable.
  • thoughtful: It was really thoughtful of you to remember my birthday.
  • courteous: The hotel staff are friendly and courteous.
  • lovely: That was a lovely cup of tea.
  • likeable: She’s warm, friendly and likeable.
  • pleasing: The new building was pleasing to the eye.


  • excellent: Second-hand computers can be excellent value.
  • amazing: He’s an amazing player to watch.
  • marverlous: I can’t stand him, but my wife thinks he’s marvellous.
  • fantastic: It’s a fantastic place, really beautiful!


  • awful: The weather was awful.
  • rotten:  He’s a rotten driver.
  • naughty: You’re a very naughty boy! Look what you’ve done!
  • terrible: Their son had been injured in a terrible accident.
  • nasty: There’s a nasty streak in her character.


  • cheerful: She’s feeling more cheerful today.
  • delighted: Sandy will be delighted to see you.
  • pleased:  She seemed pleased by the compliment.
  • glad: I’m really glad I don’t have to go back there again.
  • joyful: Christmas is a joyful occasion for children.


  • huge: These shoes make my feet look huge.
  • giant: He’s a giant of a man.
  • enormous: The team made an enormous effort.
  • large: Los Angeles is the second largest city in the US.


  • thorny: There are still some thorny questions to be answered.
  • acute: The housing shortage is more acute than first thought.
  • challenging: Teaching young children is a challenging and rewarding job.
  • tricky: I can get you tickets for the show but it’ll be tricky.
  • complex: Photosynthesis is a highly complex process.


  • exciting: I’ve got some very exciting news for you.
  • fascinating: That sounds absolutely fascinating.
  • thrilling: It’s not a thrilling task but is easy and only takes minutes.


  • beneficial: Cycling is highly beneficial to health and the environment.
  • viable: The committee came forward with one viable solution.
  • workable: I’m sure we can come to some workable arrangement.
  • efficient: We offer a fast, friendly and efficient service.
  • profitable: The advertising campaign proved very profitable.


  • touchy: She is very touchy about her past.
  • mad: Are you still mad at me?
  • cross: She gets cross when he goes out drinking.
  • enraged: Many readers were enraged by his article.


  • agile: Dogs are surprisingly agile.
  • brisk: They set off at a brisk pace.
  • quick: She walked with short, quick steps.
  • speedy: We hope you make a speedy recovery.


  • courteous: The staff are always courteous and helpful.
  • helpful: She’s a helpful child.
  • considerate: It was very considerate of you to let us know you were going to be late.


  • simple: There is no simple answer to this question.
  • uncomplicated: Why can’t I have an uncomplicated life?
  • obvious: The obvious way of reducing pollution is to use cars less.


  • comical: The note of pure panic in his voice was almost comical.
  • gleeful: The park was full of gleeful children playing on sleds.
  • humorous: The film has some mildly humorous moments.
  • entertaining: Children’s TV nowadays is much more entertaining.


  • small: The T-shirt was too small for him.
  • tiny: She always felt a tiny bit sad.
  • minute: You only need a minute amount.
  • slight: The picture was at a slight angle.


  • bright: He was an exceptionally bright child.
  • clever: Lucy is quite clever and does well at school.
  • brainy: He always was the brainy one.
  • brilliant: I think that’s a brilliant idea.


  • beautiful: She was even more beautiful than I had remembered.
  • lovely: She had a lovely face.
  • attractive: Women seem to find him attractive.
  • cute: The baby’s so cute.


  • gloomy: Anne dismissed these gloomy thoughts from her mind.
  • unhappy: Leslie had an unhappy childhood.
  • downcast: Penelope sat silently, her eyes downcast.
  • mournful: Durant was thin, mournful and silent.

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Descriptive Words in English

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Descriptive Words in English

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