Creative Ways to Say Someone is Intelligent or Stupid

English Phrases for Saying Someone is Smart/Stupid...

1. Other ways to say “Intelligent”

  • Wise

E.g. I'm older and wiser after ten years in the business.

  • Astute

E.g. It was an astute move to sell the shares then

  • Knowledgeable

E.g. She is very knowledgeable about plants.

  • Brilliant

E.g. What a brilliant idea!

  • Brainy

E.g. He’s a brainy kid.

  • Smart

E.g. I have to be smart for work.

  • Clever

E.g. How clever of you to work it out!

2. Alternative ways to say someone is intelligent

- He’s really on the ball.

- She doesn’t miss a trick.

- He’s a bright spark.

- She’s got her head screwed on right.

- He’s quick off the mark.

- She’s a sharp cookie.

- He’s a nobody’s fool.

- She’s a walking encyclopaedia (Very knowledgeable)

3. Other ways to say: stupid

  • Dump   

E.g. Hey, are you dumb?' he shouted.

  • Silly       

E.g. Her work is full of silly mistakes.

  • Foolish

E.g. I was foolish enough to believe what Jeff told me.

  • Idiotic   

E.g. Don't be so idiotic!

  • Daft       

E.g. Don't be so daft!

  • Gormless (British, informal)       

E.g. Don't just stand there looking gormless—do something!

  • Dorky (informal)               

E.g. He was a dorky kid.

  • Ass         

E.g. I made an ass of myself at the meeting—standing up and then forgetting the question.

  • Ill-advised           

E.g. Her remarks were ill-advised, to say the least.

  • Naïve  

E.g. I can't believe you were so naive as to trust him!

4. Ways to say someone is not very intelligent

- He’s a bit slow.

- She’s a complete idiot.

- He doesn’t have a clue what he’s talking about.

- She’s a bit slow on the uptake.

- He’s not the sharpest knife in the drawer.

- He’s not the sharpest tool in the shed.

- She can’t put two and two together.

- He’s as dumb as a post.

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Creative Ways to Say Someone is Intelligent or Stupid

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