Containers and Packaging Vocabulary in English

Learn Containers and Packaging Vocabulary in English.

Containers & Quantities: Box, Box or packet, Matchbox, Stick or packet, Packet package …

Containers and Packaging Vocabulary 

List of packaging words:

  • Multipack
  • Blister pack
  • Box
  • Box or packet
  • Matchbox
  • Stick or packet
  • Packet package
  • Packet roll
  • Tube
  • Carton / juice box    
  • Sachet
  • Pot
  • Aerosol can
  • Can
  • Tub
  • Bottle
  • Tin
  • Jar
  • Bag / packet
  • Punnet
  • Tray

Containers and Quantities in English.

  • blister pack – a container in which something small is sold, consisting of a flat layer and a raised cover of plastic that protects the product.
  • bubble wrap – a sheet of plastic containing bubbles of air that is used for protecting things while they are being moved or sent by post
  • carton – a container for goods, made of cardboard
  • case – a container for holding a large number of separate things, especially bottles, or the things in the container
  • cover – the paper or card on the front of a record or CD
  • inlay(BrE) – a piece of printed paper or card inside the case of a CD or DVD, giving information about it.
  • jacket – a cover for a record.
  • package – an object or set of objects wrapped in a box or in paper and sent or given to someone.
  • packaging – the boxes, bottles, plastic etc used for wrapping products so that they can be sold
  • packet – a small parcel or envelope containing a set of similar things.
  • pillbox – a small container in which to keep pills
  • sachet (BrE) – a small flat paper or plastic bag that contains a small amount of something, especially a powder or a liquid
  • tube – a long narrow plastic or metal container with a lid at one end that you squeeze in order to push out the soft substance inside
  • wrapper – a piece of paper, plastic etc that is wrapped around something that you buy

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