Confusing Words: MISS and LOSE? What’s the Difference?

Do you know the difference between miss and lose?

When to Use MISS

We use MISS in these cases:

      1. Failure to attend or to get something

      a. Transportations (buses, trains…)

  • I missed the 8:00 train, so I had to take the 9:00 one.

b. Events

  • Alan, you missed a great concert last night.
  • You missed class on Friday.

2. When someone is away from you and you wish they were with you.

  • My sister moved to Vietnam last year. I really miss her!
  •  I miss my girlfriend. She’s on holiday with her family.

When to Use LOSE

We use LOSE in these cases:

1. When you can’t find something or something’s gone.

a. Objects

  • I lost my dog. Please help me to find him.

b. Sports games:

  • My favorite football team lost 5-1 in the semifinal.

2. When someone is gone from your life.

  • I lost my Grandmother last year.
  • I’ve lost my girlfriend. We had a messy break up and I don’t think I’ll ever see her again.
  • She lost her husband during the war.

Difference between MISS and LOSE



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