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Commonly Used Phrasal Verbs with GET in English (with Meaning and Examples)

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Learn useful phrasal verbs with GET in English with meaning and examples.

Phrasal Verbs with GET in English

List of Common Phrasal Verbs with GET

1. Get about

  • Meaning: Visit many places
  • Example: I get about a lot with my job.

2. Get about

  • Meaning: Become known
  • Example: It didn’t take long for the news to get about- everyone’s talking about it.

3. Get about

  • Meaning: Walk or visit places
  • Example: She can’t get about much, but she is in her eighties.

4. Get about

  • Meaning: Have personal or sexual relationships with many people
  • Example: She gets about a bit; she’s always with some new guys.

5. Get above

  • Meaning: Behave as if you are better or more important than others
  • Example: She’s been getting above herself since she got promoted.

6. Get across

  • Meaning: Communicate successfully/ to make something understood, clear
  • Example: Sarah got her ideas across at the meeting.

7. Get across

  • Meaning: Go from one side to the other
  • Example: It’s impossible to get across the road without the traffic light.

8. Get across

  • Meaning: Move something from one side to the other
  • Example: How are we going to get these bags across the river?

9. Get across to

  • Meaning: Be convincing or make a good impression
  • Example: How can a singer get across to the audience?

10. Get after

  • Meaning: Nag or exhort someone
  • Example: We should get after him to go out with us this weekend.

11. Get after

  • Meaning: Chase
  • Example: Get after her and give her the message before she leaves the building.

12. Get ahead

  • Meaning: Progress
  • Example: Nowadays, you need IT skills if you want to get ahead.

13. Get ahead of

  • Meaning: Move in front of
  • Example: I work at home in the evening to get ahead of schedule.

14. Get along

  • Meaning: Leave
  • Example: It’s late; we must be getting along.

15. Get along

  • Meaning: Progress
  • Example: How’s the homework getting along?

16. Get along with

  • Meaning: Have a good relationship with someone
  • Example: I want to get along with my sister but we have nothing in common.

17. Get along with

  • Meaning: Deal with, handle
  • Example: How are you getting along with your report?

18. Get around

  • Meaning: Become known
  • Example: It didn’t take long for the news to get around once it got into the newspapers.

19. Get around

  • Meaning: Visit many different places
  • Example: He gets around a lot – he’s always flying somewhere different.

20. Get around

  • Meaning: Walk or go to places
  • Example: He’s finding it hard to get around since the operation and spends most of his time at home.

21. Get around

  • Meaning: Avoid a problem
  • Example: You can’t get around the fact that smoking kills.

22. Get around

  • Meaning: Persuade, convince
  • Example: She didn’t want to accept my application because it was late, but I managed to get around her.

23. Get around

  • Meaning: Have personal or sexual relationships with many people
  • Example: He gets around a bit; he’s always with some new girlfriend.

24. Get through

  • Meaning: Manage to pass
  • Example: The water got through the roof and damaged the carpets.

25. Get around to

  • Meaning: Finally manage to do something, make the effort to do something
  • Example: It always takes me ages to get around to replying to letters.

26. Get at

  • Meaning: Use threats, payments, bribes to affect someone’s decision
  • Example: The gangsters got at the jury despite the evidence presented in court.

27. Get at

  • Meaning: Criticize
  • Example: His boss is always getting at him for arriving late.

28. Get at

  • Meaning: Mean
  • Example: What do you think she’s getting at? I’ve no idea what she wants.

29. Get at

  • Meaning: Be able to reach, find, access
  • Example: It’s on the top shelf and I can’t get at it.

30. Get away

  • Meaning: Escape
  • Example: The robber got away with a lot of jewelery, which the police later found abandoned.

31. Get away

  • Meaning: Go on holiday or for a short break
  • Example: We love to get away from everything and relax on the beach.

32. Get away

  • Meaning: Move, leave somewhere
  • Example: He didn’t come because he was stuck at work and couldn’t get away.

33. Get away from

  • Meaning: Talk about something that is not relevant to the discussion
  • Example: We should not get away from the main ideas here.

34. Get away with

  • Meaning: Achieve something, despite not doing it correctly or properly
  • Example: Do you think we could get away with using the cheaper product?

35. Get away with

  • Meaning: Escape with no punishment
  • Example: Thieves got away with a car worth $200 000.

36. Get up

  • Meaning: Get out of bed
  • Example: I get up at seven o’clock on weekdays, but lie in till noon at the weekend.

37. Get away!

  • Meaning: An expression of disbelief
  • Example: ‘These tickets didn’t cost me a thing.’ ‘Get away!’

38. Get back

  • Meaning: Return from a place
  • Example: The train was held up so we didn’t get back home until midnight.

39. Get back

  • Meaning: Return something
  • Example: Don’t lend him any money; you’ll never get it back.

40. Get back

  • Meaning: Move away
  • Example: The police told the crowd to get back to allow the ambulance through.

41. Get back at

  • Meaning: Take revenge
  • Example: I’ll get back at her for landing me in trouble.

42. Get back into

  • Meaning: Start doing something after stopping for some time
  • Example: I am getting back into my singing lessons after the summer break.

43. Get back into

  • Meaning: Find a new enthusiasm for something
  • Example: The children lost interest for a while, but they are getting back into it.

44. Get back to

  • Meaning: Respond when you know the answer
  • Example: I’ll get back to you as soon as I hear any news.

45. Get back to

  • Meaning: Start doing something again after an interruption
  • Example: It took me ages to get back to sleep after the phone rang.

46. Get back together

  • Meaning: Restart a relationship
  • Example: We split up a few months ago but got back together last week.

47. Get together

  • Meaning: Meet socially
  • Example: We got together in the pub for a drink.

48. Get off

  • Meaning: Leave a bus, train, etc.
  • Example: I got off the bus and walked to my house.

49. Get behind

  • Meaning: Support
  • Example: Teachers always get behind their students.

50. Get behind with

  • Meaning: Be late paying installments for something
  • Example: If you get behind with mortgage payments, you might lose your home.

51. Get by

  • Meaning: Have just enough money to survive
  • Example: I am getting by because my brother gave me money.

52. Get by

  • Meaning: Not be noticed (problems, errors, etc)
  • Example: I had checked it, but there still were a few errors that didn’t get by the computer repair shop.

53. Get by on

  • Meaning: Manage on a certain amount of money
  • Example: It’s hard to get by on my salary.

54. Get by with

  • Meaning: Have enough of something to do the job
  • Example: We could get by with that computer, but a more powerful one would be better.

55. Get down

  • Meaning: Make someone depressed, unhappy, exhausted, etc.
  • Example: The miserable weather in winter really gets me down.

56. Get down

  • Meaning: Write, record
  • Example: I couldn’t get down everything he said

57. Get down

  • Meaning: Manage to swallow
  • Example: The medicine tasted horrible and it was difficult to get it down

58. Get down

  • Meaning: Leave the table after eating
  • Example: When they had finished dinner, the children asked if they could get down

59. Get down

  • Meaning: Reduce
  • Example: The doctor says I my get my cholesterol levels down.

60. Get on

  • Meaning: Enter a bus, train, plane, etc(to enter a large, closed vehicle)
  • Example: Dan got on the train to go to the capital.

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Phrasal Verbs with GET

Phrasal Verbs with GET

Phrasal Verbs with GET