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Commonly Used Phrasal Verbs in English [VIDEO]

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Phrasal verbs are a combination of a base verb and one or more particles, which together create a unique meaning that cannot be inferred from the meanings of the individual words.

We will also provide tips for mastering these phrases and integrating them into your own language skills. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced learner, this guide will help you understand and use these important phrases more effectively.

Commonly Used Phrasal Verbs with GET

List of Phrasal Verbs with Get

  • Get up
  • Get out
  • Getaway
  • Get back
  • Get on
  • Get off
  • Get away with
  • Get over
  • Get through
  • Get along
  • Get together
  • Get into
  • Get by
  • Get in
  • Get out of
  • Get away from
  • Get down to
  • Get off on
  • Get up to
  • Get around
  • Get ready
  • Get dressed
  • Get going
  • Get rid of
  • Get hold of
  • Get hold of
  • Get lost
  • Get caught
  • Get ahead
  • Get behind
  • Get back at
  • Get ahead of
  • Get in touch
  • Get on well
  • Get on with
  • Get back to
  • Get in on
  • Get set
  • Get down
  • Get through to

Phrasal Verbs with Get with Meaning and Examples

Get up – rise from bed, stand up

  • Example: I always get up early to have a healthy breakfast.

Get out – leave a place

  • Example: I’m getting out of this meeting, it’s too boring.

Get away – leave on a trip or vacation

  • Example: We’re getting away for the weekend to the beach.

Get back – return

  • Example: I’ll get back to you as soon as I have more information.

Get on – board a vehicle

  • Example: Let’s get on the bus before it leaves.

Get off – leave a vehicle

  • Example: We need to get off at the next stop.

Get away with – avoid punishment

  • Example: He can’t believe he got away with cheating on the test.

Get over – recover from

  • Example: I’m trying to get over my fear of heights.

Get through – complete, finish

  • Example: I’m having a hard time getting through this book.

Get along – have a good relationship

  • Example: My parents and I get along well.

Commonly Used Phrasal Verbs with GIVE

List of Phrasal Verbs with Give

  • Give up
  • Give in
  • Give out
  • Give away
  • Give back
  • Give off
  • Give onto
  • Give over
  • Give away to
  • Give rise to
  • Give birth to
  • Give out of
  • Give up on
  • Give way to
  • Give notice
  • Give a hand
  • Give a try
  • Give a shot
  • Give a call
  • Give a lift
  • Give a speech
  • Give a helping hand
  • Give a run for the money
  • Give a warning
  • Give a chance
  • Give a break
  • Give a nod
  • Give a hug
  • Give a kiss
  • Give a thumbs up
  • Give an inch
  • Give a ring
  • Give a sigh
  • Give a smile
  • Give a glance
  • Give a stare
  • Give a yell
  • Give a pat on the back
  • Give a kick
  • Give a boost

Phrasal Verbs with Give with Meaning and Examples

1. give away something or give something away

to give something to someone without asking for payment

  • gave away my old pans to a friend who’s just set up home. [often + to]
  • We’re giving away free shampoo samples as a promotion.

2. give somebody away

to do something by accident that lets someone know something about yourself that you were trying to keep secret

  • His voice seems quite calm but his trembling hands give him away.      
  • You give yourself away by trying too hard to seem cheerful. [often reflexive]

3. give away somebody or give somebody away

to formally bring a bride a woman who is getting married to her husband at the front of the church and give permission for her to marry

  • The bride’s father usually gives her away.

4. give away somebody or give somebody away (British & Australian)

to give a baby to someone else so that they can look after that child as their own until he or she is an adult

  • Her first child, born when she was 17, was given away at birth.

5. give in

to finally agree to what someone wants after a period when you refuse to agree

  • He nagged me so much to buy him a new bike that eventually I just gave in.
  • The government cannot be seen to give in to terrorists’ demands. [often + to]

6. give in

to accept that you have been defeated and agree to stop competing or fighting

  • She knew she’d lost the argument but she wouldn’t give in.
  • You’ll never guess the answer. Do you give in?

7. give in something or give something in

to give a piece of written work or a document to someone for them to read, judge, or deal with

  • Have you given in your essay yet?
  • We want to get 5000 signatures before we give the petition in.

8. give in to something

if you give in to an emotion or desire, you stop trying not to feel it and you allow your actions to be controlled by that emotion or desire

  • Certainly he felt the pull of self-pity, but he never once gave in to it.
  • I’ve been craving chocolate all morning but I refuse to give in  to it.

9. give out

if a supply of something gives out, it finishes and there is none left

  • The food supplies will give out by the end of the week.
  • Eventually my patience gave out and I shouted at her.

10. give out

if something gives out, it stops working because it is old, damaged, or has been used too much

  • It was on the twenty-first mile that my legs gave out.
  • I’ll stop speaking now because I think my voice is about to give out.
  • The car’s at the garage – the clutch has finally given out.

11. give out

if a road or path gives out, it ends at a particular place

  • The trail gave out half way around the lake.

12. give out something

( LITERARY) to make a sound

  • He gave out a low moan.
  • Suddenly she gave out a loud scream and clutched at me.

13. give out something

to produce light, heat, or a gas

  • Is that radiator giving out any heat?
  • Fluorescent lamps give out a brighter light for the same amount of electricity.

14. give out something or give something out

to give something to a large number of people

  • I’ve said I’ll give out leaflets for them in town.
  • One of the government’s proposals is to give out condoms in high schools.

15. give out something or give something out

to tell people information

  • The winners’ names were given out on the radio last night. [usually passive]

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