Commonly Used Phrasal Verbs for FAMILY

Learn Useful Phrasal Verbs for Family in English.

Commonly Used Phrasal Verbs for FAMILY

List of Commonly Used Phrasal Verbs Related to FAMILY

  • Be named after

Meaning: Be given the name of another person

E.g. Albert was named after his grandfather.

  • Bring sb up

Meaning: Look after a child until he or she becomes an adult

E.g. She brought up three sons on her own.

  • Fall out with sb

Meaning: Argue with sb and you are no longer friendly with them

E.g. I’d fallen out with my parents.

  • Get along/on with

Meaning: Have a good, friendly relationship with sb

E.g. I get along well with most of my colleagues.

  • Get together

Meaning: Spend time together

E.g. The whole family usually gets together at Christmas.

  • Go by

Meaning: Prefer to be called by a particular name

E.g. When I knew her, she used to go by the name of Ricki.

  • Grow apart

Meaning: Stop having a close relationship with somebody over a period of time

E.g. As we got older we just grew apart.

  • Grow up

Meaning: Develop into an adult

E.g. Their children have all grown up and left home now.

  • Look after

Meaning: Take care of someone

E.g. It’s hard work looking after three children all day.

  • Look up to

Meaning: Respect and admire someone

E.g. He’s a role model for other players to look up to.

  • Take after

Meaning: Look or behave like an older relative

E.g. In looks she takes after her father.

  • Tell off

Meaning: Criticize someone angrily for doing something wrong

E.g. Our parents told us off for making so much noise.

  • Settle down

Meaning: Begin to live a quieter life by getting married

E.g. When are you going to get married and settle down?

  • Split up

Meaning: End a marriage relationship

E.g. Her parents split up a few months ago.

  • Make up

Meaning: Become friendly with someone again after an argument

E.g. Why don’t you two forget your differences and make up?

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Commonly Used Phrasal Verbs for FAMILYPin

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