Commonly Used Collocations with HAVE in English

Below is the list of useful collocations with HAVE in English you should learn.

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Commonly Used Collocations with HAVE

  • Have a conversation

Ex: I hope we’ll have time to have a conversation after the meeting.

  • Have argument

Ex: She had an argument with her friend.

  • Have an interview

Ex: I have an interview tomorrow.

  • Have a headache

Ex: I had a headache yesterday.

  • Have a meeting

Ex: We have a meeting at 9 a.m.

  • Have a party

Ex: We’re having a party next weekend.

  • Have a baby

Ex: Tim and Kate just had a baby.

  • Have a fight

Ex: He and his girl friend had a fight.

  • Have breakfast

Ex: Let’s have breakfast before we start going to school.

  • Have fun

Ex: Did you have fun at the party?

  • Have a rest

Ex: You look awful. Lie down and have a rest.

  • Have a shower

Ex: I usually have a shower a day.

  • Have a problem

Ex: Do you have a problem with it?

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Collocations with HAVE

Collocations with HAVE

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