Common Verb and Preposition Combinations in English

[Verbs + Prepositions] Collocation refers to a natural combination of words that are closely affiliated with each other… Learn common verb and preposition combinations in English that you should know.

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Common Verb and Preposition Combinations

1. Verb + To

  • Talk to

Example: Are you talking to me?

  • Listen to

Example: Little girls like to listen to lullabies at bed time.

  • Speak to

Example: You should speak to the boys about their behaviors

  • Apologize to

Example: Go and apologize your sister for what you said!

  • Belong to

Example: This book belongs to me.

  • Happen to

Example: What happen to you at the party?

  • Turn to

Example: A student who needs money turns to his parents.

  • Used to

Example: She used to be lonely until she found Mr.Right.

2. Verb+For

  • Wait for

Example: hey, slow down & wait for her!

  • Look for

Example: Are you looking for this book?

  • Ask for

Example: If you don’t ask for it, you won’t get it.

  • Apply for

Example: I am going to apply for a new job today.

  • Blame for

Example: Why do you always blame me for everything?

  • Care for

Example: the mother is caring for her sick child.

  • Long for

Example: He longs for the days when he used to have a job.

  • Head for

Example: When shopping, he heads straight for the beer shelf.

3. Verb + At

  • Smile at

Example: When she smiles at me, I become dizzy.

  • Stare at

Example:  Don’t stare at me like that!

  • Aim at

Example: Aim at the target if you want to hit it.

  • Look at

Example: Look at me! I’m talking to you!

  • Point at

It is rude to point at people

  • Laugh at

Why do you laugh at me?

4. Verb + From

  • Recover from

He luckily recovers from a terrible accidence.

  • Borrow from

If you want to run your own business, you could borrow money from the bank.

  • Escape from

Luckily, I escape from a thief.

  • Graduate from

I’ve just graduated from university this year.

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Verb and Preposition Combinations


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