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Common Telephone Phrasal Verbs in English

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Learn Common Telephone Phrasal Verbs in English with meaning and examples.

Useful TELEPHONE Phrasal Verbs in English

Useful phrasal verbs commonly used in a phone conversation.

List of Common Telephone Phrasal Verbs in English:

1. Pick up (Answer the telephone call)

  • She picked up the phone, but no one answered

2. Break – up (Become inaudible over the phone, usually because of a bad connection)

  • “Sorry, could you repeat that, please? You’re breaking up“.

3. Call for someone (To telephone for someone or something)

  • I have to call for a taxi to take me to the airport.

4. Call someone back (To telephone someone again or to return a call)

  • “I’ll call you back later with my answer”

5. Call someone up (Call someone on the phone)

  • “I’m going to call them up later.
  • “My dad called me up to tell me the bad news”

6. Cut off (When a telephone call finishes because of a bad connection)

  • They were cut off in the middle of the video conference.

7. Get through to someone (Succeed in speaking to someone by telephone)

  • After calling several times, I eventually got through to David.

8. Hang on (Wait for a short time (informal))

  • Hang on a moment – I’ll be with you in a minute”

9. Hang up (End a telephone call by putting the phone down.)

  •  He started shouting, so I hung up on him.

10. Hold on (Wait for a short time)

  • “Could you hold on a moment while  I look for the file, please?”

11. Put someone through (Connect by telephone)

  • “I’ll just put you through to Mr.Jones, now.”

12. Speak up (Speak louder)

  • “Sorry, could you speak up a little, please? Because the connection isn’t great.

Useful TELEPHONE Phrasal Verbs | Image

Useful TELEPHONE Phrasal Verbs


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