Common Suffixes in English (With Meaning and Examples)

Learn 30+ common suffixes in English with meaning and examples.

A suffix is an ending word part that gives additional meaning to a root or base word. A word may contain more than one suffix.

A suffix is a letter or group of letters placed at the end of a word to change its grammatical function, tense, or meaning. Suffixes can be used to create a verb from a noun or adjective or an adjective from a verb, for example. They can change a word’s tense as well; “-ed” can make a present-tense verb into a past participle, for instance. They can even change a word’s meaning; the suffix “-ette,” for example, can make a word into its diminutive: “kitchen” into “kitchenette.”

Just as recognizing a small number of prefixes can help you figure out many unfamiliar words, so knowing a few common suffixes can help you build a more powerful vocabulary.

Common Suffixes in English

List of Common Suffixes in English

1. -ate

  • Meaning: to make marked by
  • Example: alienate, regulate, passionate, affectionate

2. -en

  • Meaning: to make
  • Example: weaken, moisten

3. -ism

  • Meaning: the quality or practice of
  • Example: absolutism, baptism

4. -ation, -ition, -tion

  • Meaning: the act or condition of
  • Example: allegation, affirmation commotion recognition

5. -ty, -ity

  • Meaning: the state of
  • Example: modesty, security worker

6. -er,-ar, -ier, -or

  • Meaning: one that does or deals with
  • Example: teacher, scholar, furrier, bettor

7. -an

  • Meaning: one that does or deals with
  • Example: comedian, historian

8. -al

  • Meaning: resembling or pertaining to
  • Example: natural, accidental

9. -ous, -ious

  • Meaning: full of
  • Example: perilous, gracious, vicious

10. -able, -ible

  • Meaning: capable of being
  • Example: lovable, affordable, reversible

Common Suffixes in English | Images

Common Suffixes in EnglishPin

Common Suffixes in EnglishPin

Common Suffixes in EnglishPin

Common Suffixes in EnglishPin

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