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Common Phrasal Verbs for Talking about Problems in English

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List of Commonly Used Phrasal Verbs for Talking about Problems in English.

There are a lot of useful phrasal verbs in English to describe “problems”.

Phrasal Verbs for Talking about Problems

  • Talk overdiscuss a problem or situation with someone, often to find out their opinion or to get advice before making a decision about it

Eg: I’d like to talk it over with my wife first.

  • Wrestle withtry very hard to deal with a problem or to make a difficult decision

Eg: The government is wrestling with difficult economic problems.

  • Run up againstexperience an unexpected difficulty

Eg: The plans for the new bridge ran up against strong local opposition.

  • Think throughcarefully consider the possible results of doing something

Eg: I need some time to think it through – I don’t want to make any sudden decisions.

  • Sort out somethingdeal successfully with a problem or a situation

Eg: Her financial records are a mess, but we’ll sort them out.

  • Knuckle downstart working or studying hard

Eg: You’re going to have to really knuckle down if you want to pass your final exams.

  • Run into somethingbegin to experience problems

Eg: We ran into bad trouble.

  • Deal with take action in order to solve a problem

Eg: We will deal with your order as quickly as possible.

  • Put off  decide or arrange to delay an event or activity until a later time or date

Eg: They decided to put the wedding off until his brother had returned from Brazil.

  • Go throughexperience a difficult or unpleasant situation

Eg: He’s going through a divorce at the moment.

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Phrasal Verbs for Talking about Problems


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