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Common Phrasal Verbs about CLOTHES

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In this English lesson, you will learn 20 useful phrasal verbs about clothes.

Useful Phrasal Verbs about CLOTHES

List of Clothing Phrasal Verbs in English

1. Do up

Meaning: Fasten an item of clothing

E.g. You don’t need to do up the top button.

2. Dress up

Meaning: Dress (oneself or another) in your best clothes

E.g. You don’t need to dress up. It’s just a family get-together

3. Dress up

Meaning: Put on fancy dress in children’s games

E.g. For her birthday party, they had dressed her up as a fairy

4. Dress down

Meaning: Wear clothes that are more informal than those you usually wear

E.g. He dressed down on his first date.

5. Hang out

Meaning: Dry clothes outside after washing

E.g. Have you hung the washing out?

6. Hang up

Meaning: Put something on a hook or a hanger

E.g. The women hung up their coats and sat down.

7. Have on

Meaning: Wear an item of clothing on one’s person

E.g. Melissa had her new dress on.

8. Kick off

Meaning: Make your shoes come off by shaking your feet

E.g. He kicked his shoes off as soon as he got home.

9. Put on

Meaning: Dress yourself or someone else with an item or items of clothing

E.g. She put on her coat and went out.

10. Slip on

Meaning: Put on an item of clothing easily

E.g. She slipped her sandals on before she went into the sea.

11. Take off

Meaning: Remove any item of clothing

E.g. Anna took off her sandals.

12. Take in

Meaning: Make clothing narrower

E.g. I’ll have to take this dress in at the waist – it’s too big.

13. Take up

Meaning: Reduce the length of a piece of clothing

E.g. I want to take this pair of pants up. It’s too long.

14. Try on

Meaning: Put on an item of clothing to find out whether it fits or is suitable

E.g. What a lovely dress! Why don’t you try it on?

15. Throw on

Meaning: Put on a piece of clothing quickly and carelessly

E.g. She just threw on the first skirt she found.

16. Turn up

Meaning: Shorten trousers, a dress or a skirt so that they fit better

E.g. Her jeans were too long, so she turned them up.

17. Wrap up

Meaning: Put warm clothes on

E.g. I could hear my mother telling me to wrap up warm.

18. Zip up

Meaning: To be closed by means of a zip

E.g. He zipped up his leather jacket.

19. Let out

Meaning: Make clothing wider

E.g. I’m going to have this skirt let out.

20. Let down

Meaning: Use the extra cloth in the hem of a piece of clothing to make it longer

E.g. This skirt needs letting down.

Useful Phrasal Verbs about CLOTHES | Picture

Useful Phrasal Verbs about CLOTHES