Common Noun Suffixes in English

Learn Common Noun Suffixes in English with Pictures.

How to use suffixes to create nouns from adjectives and verbs.

A suffix is a letter/a group of letters attached to the end of a word to form a new word or to change the grammatical function (part of speech) of the original word.

Common Noun Suffixes in English

-acy: state or quality

For examples:

  • accuracy, conspiracy, intimacy…

-al: act or process of

For examples:

  • refusal, arrival, burial, deferral…

-ance, -ence: state or quality of

For examples:

  • reliance, insistence…

-dom: state or place of being

For examples:

  • freedom, boredom, kingdom…

-er, -or: one who

For examples:

  • teacher, worker, director…

-ty: quality of

For examples:

  • cruelty, safety…

-ship: position held

For examples:

  • fellowship, friendship, partnership…

-sion, -tion: state of being

For examples:

  • complication, reduction, population, complexion…

-ing: an act or process, a product or result

For examples:

  • drawing, playing…

-logy: study of

For examples:

  • technology, pathology…

-ment: result, action, state or condition

For examples:

  • amazement, disappointment, parliament…

-ist: one who performs, plays, or operates

For examples:

  • violinist, Physicist…

-ity: quality, condition, degree

For examples:

  • flexibility, sensitivity…

-hood: state or condition, instance, or state of characters

For examples:

  • brotherhood, motherhood, childhood…

-ism: an act, theory, belief or doctrine

For examples:

  • journalism, Marxism…

-ness: a state, quality, or condition

For examples:

  • happiness, goodness, readiness…

Common Noun Suffixes in English | Images

Common Noun SuffixesPin

Common Noun Suffixes in englishPin

Suffixes -er, -eePin

suffixes in EnglishPin

Suffix -istPin

Suffix -ismPin

Suffix -nessPin

Common Suffixes in englishPin

Common SuffixesPin

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