Common Mistakes with Prepositions Made by Learners of English

It’s important to avoid common errors by researching the proper way to use prepositions ...

A preposition tells a reader when and where something occurred as well as how it occurred. English prepositions perform so many functions that their nuances cause quite a bit of confusion. Here are a few examples of mistakes with prepositions

Incorrect: I congratulate you for your success.

Correct: I congratulate you on your success.

Incorrect: I cannot agree to you on the subject.

Correct: I cannot agree with you on the subject.

Incorrect: I agree with your proposals.

Correct: I agree to your proposals.

Incorrect: You will have to answer for your employer.

Correct: You will be answerable to your employer.

Incorrect: You must attend at the book.

Correct: You must attend to the book.

Incorrect: He is my authority on my saying so.

Correct: He is my authority for my saying so.

Incorrect: He regretted for his mistake.

Correct: He regretted his mistake.

Incorrect: He is waiting the arrival of the postman.

Correct: He is waiting for the arrival of the postman.

Incorrect: He is afraid from the thief.

Correct: He is afraid of the thief.

Incorrect: He is awaiting for his friend.

Correct: He is awaiting his friend.

Incorrect: They travel in bus.

Correct: They travel by bus.

Incorrect: She is angry at me.

Correct: She is angry with me.

Incorrect: Who is at the phone.

Correct: Who is on the phone.

Incorrect: They go to school by foot.

Correct: They go to school on foot.

Incorrect: He congratulated her for her success.

Correct: He congratulated her on her success.

Incorrect: Have you been in London?

Correct: Have you been to London?

Incorrect: Last night, I dream with you.

Correct: Last night, I dream about you.

Incorrect: It depends of the time.

Correct: It depends on the time.

Incorrect: He spoke in my behalf.

Correct: He spoke on my behalf.

Incorrect: Mary's married with a teacher.

Correct: Mary's married to a teacher.

Incorrect: Are you investing on the stock market?

Correct: Are you investing in the stock market?

Incorrect: I entered into the room.

Correct: I entered the room.

Incorrect: She loves with me.

Correct: She loves me.

Incorrect: My flights departs in 5:00 am.

Correct: My flights departs at 5:00 am.

Incorrect: They reached at the airport at 6 pm.

Correct: They reached the airport at 6 pm.

Incorrect: She doesn't listen me.
Correct: She doesn't listen to me.

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Common Mistakes with Prepositions Made by Learners of English

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