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Common Mistakes with Prepositions Made by Learners of English

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Common Mistakes with Prepositions! In this lesson, you will learn some common mistakes with prepositions dade by learners of English. It’s important to avoid common errors by researching the proper way to use prepositions.

Common Mistakes with Prepositions

A preposition tells a reader when and where something occurred as well as how it occurred. English prepositions perform so many functions that their nuances cause quite a bit of confusion. Here are a few examples of mistakes with prepositions.

Incorrect: I congratulate you for your success.

Correct: I congratulate you on your success.


Incorrect: I cannot agree to you on the subject.

Correct: I cannot agree with you on the subject.


Incorrect: I agree with your proposals.

Correct: I agree to your proposals.


Incorrect: You will have to answer for your employer.

Correct: You will be answerable to your employer.


Incorrect: You must attend at the book.

Correct: You must attend to the book.


Incorrect: He is my authority on my saying so.

Correct: He is my authority for my saying so.


Incorrect: He regretted for his mistake.

Correct: He regretted his mistake.


Incorrect: He is waiting the arrival of the postman.

Correct: He is waiting for the arrival of the postman.


Incorrect: He is afraid from the thief.

Correct: He is afraid of the thief.


IncorrectHe is awaiting for his friend.

Correct: He is awaiting his friend.


Incorrect: They travel in bus.

Correct: They travel by bus.


Incorrect: She is angry at me.

Correct: She is angry with me.


Incorrect: Who is at the phone.

Correct: Who is on the phone.


Incorrect: They go to school by foot.

Correct: They go to school on foot.


Incorrect: He congratulated her for her success.

Correct: He congratulated her on her success.


Incorrect: Have you been in London?

Correct: Have you been to London?


Incorrect: Last night, I dream with you.

Correct: Last night, I dream about you.


Incorrect: It depends of the time.

Correct: It depends on the time.


Incorrect: He spoke in my behalf.

Correct: He spoke on my behalf.


Incorrect: Mary’s married with a teacher.

Correct: Mary’s married to a teacher.


Incorrect: Are you investing on the stock market?

Correct: Are you investing in the stock market?


Incorrect: I entered into the room.

Correct: I entered the room.


Incorrect: She loves with me.

Correct: She loves me.


Incorrect: My flights departs in 5:00 am.

Correct: My flights departs at 5:00 am.


Incorrect: They reached at the airport at 6 pm.

Correct: They reached the airport at 6 pm.


Incorrect: She doesn’t listen me.

Correct: She doesn’t listen to me.

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Common Grammar Mistakes with Prepositions

Common Grammar Mistakes with Prepositions


Monday 8th of March 2021

Don't just say correct incorrect sentences, say the reason why it is wrong. Just looking at this won't help

Said Mohamed

Monday 3rd of August 2020


Kyaw Kyaw Tun

Sunday 26th of August 2018

good lecture