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Common Homographs in English (with Useful Examples)

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Homographs are words which are spelled the same, but with more than one meaning. Learn more with a big list of homonyms in English with examples.

Common Homographs in English (With Examples)

  • Absent

If you’re absent more than five times, you fail the course.
He had absented himself from the office for the day.

  • Address

I can give you the address of a good attorney.
That letter was addressed to me.

  • Back

I’ll be back in a minute.
Anna stood with her back to the window.

  • Ball

Bounce the ball and try and hit it over the net.
My hands were balled into fists.

  • Bank

We have very little money in the bank.
He jumped in and swam to the opposite bank.

  • Can

Gabriella can speak French fluently.
All we’ve got is a couple of cans of soup.

  • Clip

They are clips from the new James Bond film.
The wire is held on with a metal clip.

  • Date

The date on the letter was 30th August 1962.
She and Ron go to the park to date.

  • Fall

September had come and the leaves were starting to fall.
The area is beautiful in the fall.

  • Fan

He’s a big fan of Elvis Presley.
He is turning on the electric fan.

  • Fly

The pilot was instructed to fly the plane to Montreal airport.
fly was buzzing against the window.

  • Impact

The report assesses the impact of AIDS on the gay community.
The company’s performance was impacted by the high value of the pound.

  • Invite

They have invited me to go to Paris with them.
Thanks for your invite.

  • Leaves

The plane leaves at 12.30.
Add a few leaves of fresh basil to the salad.

  • Letter

There’s a letter for you from your mother.
‘B’ is the second letter of the alphabet.

  • Live

We used to live in London.
The club has live music most nights.

  • Nail

The key was hanging on a nail by the door.
I’ve broken my nail.

  • Park

We went for a walk in the park.
They had a sheet showing a car park and also cars to cut out.

  • Perfume

She was wearing too much perfume.
One bloom has the power to perfume a whole room.

  • Play

You’ll have to play inside today.
On the next play, Johnson ran 15 yards for a touchdown.

  • Present

What can I get him for a birthday present?
You’ve got to forget the past and start living in the present.

  • Resume

She hopes to resume work after the baby is born.
He gave a resume of the year’s work and wished the Society another successful year.

  • Right

You were quite right to criticize him.
Take a right turn at the intersection.

  • Ring

A diamond glittered on her ring finger.
The children sat on the floor in a ring.

  • Rock

Komuro formed a rock band with some friends while in college.
To build the tunnel, they had to cut through 500 feet of solid rock.

  • Rose

She has a rose garden.
They rose from the table.

  • Ruler

I have a 12-inch ruler.
King Priam was a firm, but just ruler.

  • Second

This is the second time it’s happened.
The water flows at about 1.5 meters per second.

  • Sink

The ships sink to the bottom of the sea.
I felt chained to the kitchen sink.

  • Subject

I have nothing more to say on the subject.
Biology is my favorite subject.

  • Tie

He had to tie her hands together.
I wear a shirt and tie at work.

  • Too

He’s far too young to go on his own.
“I’m feeling hungry.” – “Me too.”

  • Watch

We watch to see what would happen next.
She kept looking anxiously at her watch.

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