Common Football Expressions and Idioms in English

Let’s learn common football expressions and idioms …

Football Expressions and Idioms in English

Common football expressions

  • win/ lose a match

Spain lost their first match 0-1.

  • draw a match

Uruguay and Argentina drew 0-0.

  • play against (sb)

Who were Nigeria playing against last week?

  • beat (sb)

Brazil beat Italy in the final.

  • lose against (sb)

Bolivia lost 2-1 against Argentina.

  • draw with (sb)

Liverpool drew with Juventus.

  • shoot

Messi shoots too often. He needs to pass more.

  • score a goal

Van Persie scored a wonderful goal against Spain.

  • make a save

Casillas made a few good saves.

  • concede a goal

Portugal conceded 4 goals against Germany.

  • tackle (sb)

I didn’t know if he had the ball or not, so I just tackled him.

  • foul (sb)

The English players were trying to foul Pirlo.

  • get a yellow card

It was a bad tackle but he only got a yellow card.

  • be sent off

Pepe was sent off by the referee.

  • be substituted

Torres played so badly that he was substituted.

  • back of the net

You should’ve seen it, it was such a great goal. Back of the net!

  • Man on!

Quick! Man on! Pass the ball to Jones!

  • We were robbed

It is very difficult to swallow, we feel like we’ve been robbed.

  • He’s got a sweet left foot.

He’s the best player on the team, and he’s got a sweet left foot.

  • He pulled off a great save, what a save!

The goalkeeper pulled off six terrific saves.

  • hit the woodwork

He almost had it, but unfortunately it hit the woodwork.

  • They got stuck in
  • ran the defence ragged
  • He’s got a lot of pace
  • The goalkeeper made a howler
  • It’s a game of two halves

Idioms Related Football

  • get the ball rolling
  • get a kick out of something
  • kick something off, to kick-start something
  • keep one’s eye on the ball
  • watch from the sidelines
  • move the goalposts
  • be on the ball
  • a political football
  • at this (late) stage in the game
  • kick sb around
  • score an own goal
  • take sides
  • blow the whistle on sb
  • know the score

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Football Expressions and Idioms

Common Football Expressions and Idioms in English 1

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