Common Errors in the Use of English Prepositions

If you make an error when using a preposition, it is very noticeable and can sound like broken English ...

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Learn Common Errors in the Use of English Prepositions with Pictures and Video.

If you make an error when using a preposition, it is very noticeable and can sound like broken English.

A preposition connects nouns and pronouns and serves to provide necessary details that tell the reader when, where, or how something occurred.

Common Errors with Prepositions | Video

Common Errors in the Use of English Prepositions

  • Incorrect: I recommend you to take a long vacation.
  • Correct: I recommend that you take a long vacation.
  • Incorrect: Come to here.
  • Correct: Come here.
  • Incorrect: The sun rises from the East.
  • Correct: The sun rises in the East.
  • Incorrect: The thief got in from the window.
  • Correct: The thief got in through the window.
  • Incorrect: Let’s begin from page 10.
  • Correct: Let’s begin at ( on ) page 10.
  • Incorrect: Are you home tomorrow.
  • Correct: Are you at home tomorrow.
  • Incorrect: There is a limit in my patience.
  • Correct: There is a limit to my patience.
  • Incorrect: Is your house insured for fire ?
  • Correct: Is your house insured against fire ?
  • Incorrect: Keep the right.
  • Correct: Keep to the right.
  • Incorrect: What a dirty face ! Look at the mirror.
  • Correct: What a dirty face ! Look in the mirror.
  • Incorrect: This is the key of my room.
  • Correct: This is the key to my room.
  • Incorrect: It’s a novel of three volumes.
  • Correct: It’s a novel in three volumes.
  • Incorrect: He is a student of Harvard University.
  • Correct: He is a student at Harvard University.
  • Incorrect: He had a child of his former wife.
  • Correct: He had a child by his former wife.
  • Incorrect: I saw it on the newspapers.
  •  Correct: I read ( saw ) it in the newspapers.
  • Incorrect: Shall we sit in that sofa ?
  • Correct: Shall we sit on that sofa ?
  • Incorrect: I bought this book with 50 dollars.
  • Correct: I bought this book for 50 dollars.
  • Incorrect: My father is busy in his business.
  • Correct: My father is busy with his business.
  • Incorrect: You shouldn’t worry of getting married.
  • Correct: You shouldn’t worry about getting married.

Common Errors in the Use of English Prepositions | Images

Common Errors in the Use of English Prepositions

Some typical mistakes with prepositions

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15 comments, 95.9k shares, -3 points

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