Common English Phrasal Verbs with WORK You Should Know

Learn Useful Phrasal Verbs with Work in English.

Common Phrasal Verbs with WORK

1. Work at – try hard to improve something or achieve something

E.g: Learning a language isn’t easy. You have to work at it.

2Work in – include something in a speech, piece of writing, activity, …

E.g: He managed to work in a few references to his new book.

3. Work off – get rid of something, especially a feeling such as anger, nervousness, …, by doing something that uses a lot of your energy

E.g: I need to go and work off a few of these calories.

4. Work off – do a job for someone else because you owe them money or because they have helped you in the past

E.g: She hasn’t worked off her debts to me yet.

5. Work out – think carefully about how you are going to do something and plan a good way of doing it

E.g: UN negotiators have worked out a set of compromise proposals.

6. Work out – calculate an answer, amount, price, …

E.g: See if you can work this bill out.

7. Work up – make yourself feel interested, brave, …

E.g: I’m trying to work up enough courage to go to the dentist.

8. Work up – develop and improve something such as a project or a piece of writing

E.g: Jack took notes which he would work up into a report later.

9. Work on – try very hard to improve or achieve something

E.g: A trainer has been brought in to work on her fitness.

10. Work on – try continuously to influence someone or persuade them to do something

E.g: You leave him to me. I’ll work on him.

11. Work through – deal with problems or unpleasant feelings

E.g: After someone dies, it can take a long time to work through your grief.

12. Work over – Physically attack in order to cause injury

E.g: He’ll talk, once we work him over.

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