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Common English Phrasal Verbs with OUT

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Learn Commonly Used Phrasal Verbs with OUT in English.

These phrasal verbs are common in English conversation.

Common English Phrasal Verbs with OUT

  • Act out

Meaning: Perform something with actions and gestures

E.g. They acted out the story on stage.

  • Act out

Meaning: Express an emotion in your behaviour

E.g. Their anger is acted out in their antisocial behaviour.

  • Back out of

Meaning: Not keep an agreement / arrangement

E.g. We’re hoping that no one will back out of the deal.

  • Check out

Meaning: To look at something to see if you like them

E.g. You’ve got to check out this new website it’s really useful.

  • Check out

Meaning: Examine something

E.g. The police are checking out his story.

  • Check out

Meaning: Leave a hotel

E.g. Joan had already checked out of the hotel.

  • Cut out

Meaning: Remove completely

E.g. He’s cut out all the fat from his diet and he’s a lot slimmer.

  • Draw out

Meaning: To persuade someone to express their thoughts

E.g. Can you draw out the plans?

  • Eat out

Meaning: Eat in a restaurant

E.g. Do you fancy eating out tonight?

  • Empty out

Meaning: Empty something completely

E.g. emptied out the bag.

  • Find out

Meaning: Discover some information

E.g. Did she find out about the party?

  • Hand out

Meaning: Distribute, to give, pass out

E.g. The teacher handed out the English books to the students.

  • Hang out

Meaning: Spend time socially in a relaxed and informal way

E.g. We will hang out after school.

  • Head out

Meaning: Go out, leave a place

E.g. I’m heading out – see you on Monday.

  • Show out

Meaning: Take someone to out of a room or building

E.g. Her secretary showed me out after the interview.

  • Leave out

Meaning: To not include something in something

E.g. The cook left out the sugar.

  • Let out

Meaning: Allow to leave or go out

E.g. Please let out the dog

  • Let out

Meaning: Make a sound

E.g. He let out a huge sigh of relief when he heard the results.

  • Move out

Meaning: To leave your old home

E.g. He moved out of his house.

  • Figure out

Meaning: Find the answer to a problem

E.g. Did you ever figure out why your car wasn’t working?

  • Fill out

Meaning: Complete

E.g. You need to fill out all the sections on this form.

  • Not cut out for

Meaning: Not have the necessary qualities

E.g. I think I’m just not cut out for that type of work.

  • Phase out

Meaning: Remove gradually

E.g. Over the following three years, the use of the drug will be phased out.

  • Stand out

Meaning: To be obvious, noticeable, very clear to see

E.g. With the way she dresses, she always manages to stand out!

Common English Phrasal Verbs with OUT | Picture

Common English Phrasal Verbs with OUT