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Common English Collocations with the Word SAVE

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Collocations with the word save refer to the way the word is commonly used in combination with other words in the English language. It can be used as a verb, for example, “save money,” “save time,” or “save the environment.” It can also be used as a noun, such as “a save in baseball,” or “a save in computer science.” In general, the word “save” is often used to describe actions or strategies that preserve or protect something of value.

Below is the list of common collocations with the word SAVE in English that you should know.

Collocations with the Word SAVE

List of Collocations with Save

Here are some examples of collocations with the word save:

  • Save money
  • Save time
  • Save energy
  • Save the environment
  • Save for retirement
  • Save a life
  • Save a relationship
  • Save face
  • Save the day
  • Save the game
  • Save the best for last
  • Save a seat
  • Save a file
  • Save a copy
  • Save a spot
  • Save the trouble
  • Save the world
  • Save a search
  • Save a document
  • Save a PDF
  • Save a picture
  • Save a video
  • Save a website
  • Save a link
  • Save a bookmark
  • Save a contact
  • Save a number
  • Save a password
  • Save a note
  • Save a draft
  • Save lives
  • Save resources
  • Save changes
  • Save the situation
  • Save the relationship
  • Save someone’s life
  • Save someone from danger
  • Save someone from harm
  • Save someone from drowning
  • Save someone the trouble
  • Save something for later
  • Save something for posterity
  • Save something for a rainy day
  • Save something from destruction

Verb Collocations with Save

  • Save electricity 

Eg: We need to turn the lights off to save electricity.

  • Save energy

Eg: We need to switch the lights off to save energy. Don’t walk too quickly, save your energy for later.

  • Save money

Eg: If we want a new car, we must save more money.

  • Save one’s strength

Eg: You have been very ill, rest in bed and save your strength.

  • Save someone a seat

Eg: John always saves Jane a seat on the bus.

  • Save someone’s life

Eg: Jane pulled John away from the speeding car; she saved his life.

  • Save something to a disk

Eg: Save your computer files to disk for safety.

  • Save space

Eg: If we pack the car properly, we can save a lot of space.

  • Save time

Eg: If we plan the journey properly, we can save a lot of time.

  • Save yourself the trouble

Eg: He won’t appreciate a birthday cake, save yourself the trouble (Don’t make the cake).

  • Save a penalty/shot

Eg: The goalkeeper stretched to save the penalty.

  • Save the environment

Eg: We need to preserve trees if we want to save the environment.

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collocations with the word SAVE