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Common Collocations with the Word TIME in English

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Collocations are very common in English, and learning them is important. Below is the list of common collocations with the word TIME in English you should know.

Collocations with the word TIME

Useful BUSINESS and TIME Collocations 

Time Collocations List

  • Run out of time
  • Save time
  • Kill time
  • Take your time
  • Make up for lost time
  • Take a long time
  • Give me a hard time
  • Spare time
  • Spend time
  • Waste time
  • Make time for
  • Have time
  • Pass the time
  • On time
  • Just in time
  • It’s about time
  • Take time off
  • Tell me the time
  • Time passes
  • Dead on time
  • Free time
  • Right on time

Collocations with Time with Examples

Run out of time

E.g: I didn’t finish the test – I ran out of time.

Save time

E.g: If you want to save time, this machine will provide the answer.

Kill time

E.g: We played cards to kill time until the bus came.

Take your time

E.g: There’s no rush – take your time.

Make up for lost time

E.g: I’ll have to work hard now to make up for lost time.

Take a long time

E.g: His injuries will take a long time to heal.

Give me a hard time

E.g: They really gave me a hard time at the interview.

Spare time

E.g: She devotes all her spare time to gardening.

Spend time

E.g: I spend time watching TV.

Waste time

E.g: I waste time listening to music every day.

Make time for

E.g: Today I’m busy, but I’ll make time for you.

Have time

E.g: Do you have time to help me?

Pass the time

E.g: I’m determined to pass the time.

On time

E.g: The trains are rarely on time.

Just in time

E.g: I arrived just in time for my flight to London.

It’s about time

E.g: It’s about time you cleaned your room!

Take time off

E.g: You must take time off the clock and make it a short game.

Tell me the time

E.g: Can you tell me the time?

Time passes

E.g: As time passes, it becomes more difficult ro raise funds.

Dead on time

E.g: I left dead on time at 10.45 am.

Free time

E.g: I do a lot of reading in my free time.

Right on time

E.g: The trial lawyer was right on time for his next case.

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collocations with the word TIME

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Saturday 25th of May 2019

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