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30 Useful Collocations with MONEY with Example Sentences

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These word combinations are often, adjective + noun, verb + noun. Each of these collocation sheets provides collocations for commonly used word. Learn common collocations with MONEY in English.

Common Collocations with “MONEY”

List of Collocations with Money

  • Hard-earned money
  • Extra money
  • Big money
  • Little money
  • Easy money
  • Cold hard cash
  • Dirty money
  • Quick money
  • Plenty of money
  • Stolen money
  • Lost money
  • Spare money
  • Real money
  • Large sums of money
  • Adequate money
  • Make money
  • Spend money
  • Save money
  • Waste money
  • Earn money
  • Lose money
  • Invest money
  • Borrow money
  • Lend money
  • Manage money
  • Raise money
  • Donate money
  • Use money
  • Give money

Adjectives + “Money”

  • pocket/ spending money

E.g: My dad gave me a little extra pocket money.

  • stolen/ dirty money

E.g: We don’t want your dirty money!

  • easy money

E.g: People were tempted into the trade by the thought of easy money.

  • big money

E.g: Carter won big money in Vegas last year.

  • counterfeit/ fake money

E.g: He was arrested for using fake money.

  • hard-earned money

E.g: He spent all his hard-earned money.

  • hush/ protection money

E.g: I knew he was doing illegal business, so he offered me hush money.

  • bonus/ extra money

E.g: If you complete the project before next week, there’ll be some bonus money.

  • government/ public money

E.g: It’s not right to waste public money on projects that benefit those who are already wealthy.

  • gas/ lunch/ petrol/ rent money

E.g: Could you lend me some lunch money today?

  • prize/ grant/ scholarship money

E.g: They won a lot of grant money for their research into DNA.

  • pension/ retirement money

E.g: We plan to move to Los Angeles with our retirement money.

Verbs + “Money”

  • coin/ print money

E.g: The government printed a lot of money in 2001.

  • count money

E.g: Always count your money.

  • earn money

E.g: I don’t earn much money, but I love my job.

  • borrow money

E.g: He borrowed money from the bank.

  • lend money

E.g: He refused to lend me the money.

  • bank/ deposit/ put in money

E.g: I deposited a large amount of money last Friday.

  • draw out/ get out/ take out/ withdraw money

E.g: I’d like to withdraw £500 from my current account.

  • pay out/ shell out/ spend

E.g: Altogether he had paid out almost £5000 for the improvements.

  • give/ donate money

E.g: They donated more than $200,000 to charity last year.

  • repay money

E.g: I’ll repay you the money you lent me next week.

  • owe money

E.g: I owe my brother $50.

  • save money

E.g: I try to save some money every month.

  • accept money

E.g: I’m afraid I can’t accept your money.

  • change money

E.g: Can you change a £20 note?

  • steal money

E.g: Boys broke into a shop and stole £45 in cash.

  • launder money

E.g: He was jailed for laundering drug money.

  • collect money

E.g: I’m collecting money for Children in Need.

  • invest money

E.g: The city has invested millions of dollars in the museum.

In conclusion, collocations with “money” play a crucial role in improving one’s English language skills, especially in financial and business contexts. The list of 30 useful collocations with “money” provided in this article will be useful for English language learners and anyone who needs to improve their financial vocabulary.

These collocations will help you sound more natural and fluent when discussing financial matters in English. Keep these collocations in mind and practice using them regularly to further improve your language abilities. With time and practice, these collocations will become part of your vocabulary and you’ll be able to use them effortlessly in your day-to-day conversations.

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Collocations with MONEY

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Collocations with MONEY