Popular Collocations with MAKE and DO: What’s the Difference?

Collocations with make and do! Below is the list of common collocations with MAKE and DO in English that you should learn.

Common Collocations with MAKE and DO – Video

If there are any word associations that need such attentiveness and intensive concentrated practice will surely be the cases in which DO and MAKE are used to describe actions. Both of them work better and more authentically than each other because none of them dare replace the other in any domain supervised, predominated and controlled by each one of them. This is said, we have to take it for granted that both of the verbs almost describe the same action.

“We’ll make dinner provided that you do the dishes“.

The Differences Between DO and MAKE | Image

Collocations with MAKE and DOPin

Collocations with MAKE and DOPin

Please note that ‘Make’ and ‘Do’ express the same thing but each one is used irreplaceably in combination with particular actions.It is easy but you need to continuously practice them so that these crucial details stick in your head.

The following tables will show you some frequent uses of the word combinations with both do and make. These collocations have to be learnt quite curiously so as not to be confused and therefore confusing. Don’t forget that native speakers wouldn’t understand you if it happens that you misused the combination.

Collocations with MAKE and DOPin

Collocations with MAKE and DOPin

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Abdisha alinur
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Abdisha alinur
Abdisha alinur
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