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10+ Useful Collocations with CAN’T with Meaning and Examples

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Collocations with CAN’T! The following article introduces a useful list of English Collocations with CAN’T with printable images.

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Common Collocations with CAN’T

1. Can’t wait

  • Meaning: To be excited about something
  • Eg: I can’t wait to see my friends next week. It’s going to be wonderful.

2. Can’t stand

  • Meaning: To strongly dislike something
  • Eg: I can’t stand the traffic in London.

3. Can’t bear

  • Meaning: To strongly dislike something because it makes you unhappy
  • Eg: She can’t bear to be away from her family longer than a week.

4. Can’t take it

  • Meaning: Cannot tolerate something
  • Eg: I can’t take his constant shouting anymore, I have to leave.

5. Can’t be bothered

  • Meaning: To have no interest in something
  • Eg: I know I should go fora run but I can’t be bothered tonight.

6. Can’t take my eyes off her/ him

  • Meaning: To be attracted to someone
  • Eg: Simon can’t seem to take his eyes off the new Marketing assistant.

7. Can’t win

  • Meaning: Life is difficult
  • Eg: Sometimes no matter what you do in life, you can’t win.

8. Can’t help it

  • Meaning: To have no control over something
  • Eg: I wish you’d quit coughing all the time, Sally. I can’t help it. I wish I could too.

9. Can’t think straight

  • Meaning: Cannot concentrate
  • Eg: I am so tired that I can’t think straight.

10. Can’t hear myself think

  • Meaning: Cannot concentrate
  • Eg: There is so much noise here that I can’t hear myself think.

11. Can’t get you out of my mind/ head

  • Meaning: Can’t stop thinking about you
  • Eg: I just can’t get you out of my head.

12. Can’t get enough of something or someone

  • Meaning: You want more of something or someone
  • Eg: I love this champagne! I can’t get enough of it.

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Collocations with CAN'T