Common Collective Nouns in English

A collective noun is a word which we use to define a group or collection of people, animals or things.

This list of common collective nouns contains words that describe groups of animals, people, or things.

List of Common Collective Nouns

  • HerdA group of herbivore animals
  • PackA group of canine animals such as wolves or dogs; also used to describe playing cards and packages containing multiple objects
  • FlockA group of birds; also used to discuss small hooved animals such as sheep or goats
  • SwarmA group of insects
  • ShoalA group of fish
  • GroupA very general term used to describe people, places, things, and animals
  • CrowdUsually used to describe a group of people
  • GangUsually used to describe a group of criminals; also used to describe a group of workers, particularly sailors or dock workers
  • MobNormally used to describe an angry or unruly group of people; also used to describe a group of kangaroos
  • StaffA group of people who work in the same place
  • CrewUsually used to denote a group of workers; also used to describe aircraft and ships personnel
  • ChoirA large, organized group of singers
  • OrchestraA large, organized group of instrumentalists, led by a conductor
  • PanelA group of experts
  • Board: A group of people, usually professionals, who take on an advisory role
  • TroupeA group of actors or acrobats; also used to describe a group of monkeys
  • BunchUsually a group of smallish objects such as grapes, flowers, keys, or bananas
  • PileAn untidy collection of items such as rubbish
  • HeapA mounded collection of items; used interchangeably with “pile”
  • SetA tidy group of matched objects such as dishes; also used to describe rules or a social group of people
  • StackA group of items neatly laid one on top of another; i.e., a stack of books
  • SeriesUsed to discuss movies, books, or events that follow one after another, i.e. Star Trek or Harry Potter
  • ShowerUsually used to describe rain, although it can be used to describe gifts or compliments
  • Fall: Often used to discuss weather, such as rain, snow or hail

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1 year ago

Very useful words. Nunbers of time I was looking for them when translation Lao into English.

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