Common Adjective Suffixes in English

Learn Common Adjective Suffixes in English with Pictures.

Form adjectives from other word forms with suffixes.

A suffix is a letter/a group of letters attached to the end of a word to form a new word or to change the grammatical function (part of speech) of the original word.

Common Adjective Suffixes in English

-al, -ial, -ical: relating to, having the quality of

  • accidental, educational, brutal, historical, regional, social, universal, personal…

-able, -ible: capable or worthy of, tending to

  • flammable, discernible, culpable…

-an, -ian: one who is or does, related to

  • agrarian, simian…

-ary: relating to quality or place

  • customary, momentary, cautionary, dietary…

-full: full of, tending or liable to

  • beautiful, wonderful, awful, skillful, successful…

-ic: pertaining or relating to

  • athletic, historical, scenic, fantastic…

-ive: performing or tending toward

  • cooperative, supportive, sensitive…

-ish: origin, nature

  • foolish, childish, selfish, sheepish, pinkish…

-less: without, lacking, unable to act

  • powerless, friendless, worthless, useless, homeless…

-like: like

  • lifelike, ladylike, warlike, childlike, birdlike…

-y: characterized by, tending to

  • rainy, funny, dirty, messy, dirty…

-ous, -ose: full of, relating to

  • poisonous, dangerous, nervous, mysterious, victorious, bellicose…

-ant, -ent: performing or being

  • important, incessant, independent…

-ile: tending to, capable of

  • futile, senile, fragile…

Common Adjective Suffixes in English | Images

common suffixes: nouns to adjectivesPin

Adjective Suffixes in EnglishPin

Adjective Suffixes in EnglishPin

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