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Asking For And Giving Directions in English

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You will find these English expressions useful if you are lost or want to get to a particular place or give directions to others. Below is the list of common phrases of asking for and giving directions in English.

How to ASK FOR and GIVE DIRECTIONS in English 

Asking for Directions

1. Could you tell me how to get to..?
2. How do I find…?
3. Pardon me, I’m lost, how do I get to…?
4. Which is the best way to…?
5. Could you direct me to…?
6. Which way do I go to get to..?
7. How do I get to…?
8. What’s the best way to..?
9. Where is…?
10. Excuse me, How can I go to…?
11. Can you tell me the way to..?

Asking For And Giving Directions

Giving Directions

1. Turn back/ Go back
2. Turn left/right (into.. – street/ at the end of..)
3. Go along…
4. Cross…
5. Take the first/ second road on the left/right.
6. It’s on the left/right.
7. Go up/down…
8. It’s about 60 meters from here
9. It’s on your right/left
10. It’s in the middle of the block
11. It’s on the corner.
12. It’s next to/ across/ between/ in front of…
13. Drive to..street and turn left/right
14. Go straight ahead…

Asking For And Giving Directions

Asking For And Giving Directions

Asking For And Giving Directions

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