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Alternative Ways to Say Common Words in English

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What are some alternative ways to say IMPORTANT, PEACEFUL, DANGEROUS, ANGRY, POWERFUL & HELPFUL?

Alternative Ways to Say IMPORTANT

  • Significant

E.g. Spending time with your significant other should be high on your priority list.

  • Meaningful

E.g. They often include personal things in the ceremony to make their weddings especially meaningful.

  • Eventful

E.g. Her time at college was the most eventful period of her life.

  • Substantial

E.g. There was substantial agreement on changing policies.

  • Momentous

E.g. ‘Hello Mother’, she said, nothing said, nothing more momentous coming to mind.

Alternative Ways to Say PEACEFUL

  • Calm

E.g. He stayed calm throughout the confusion.

  • Tranquil

E.g. His private life was tranquil and happy.

  • Restful

E.g. I hope you have a restful weekend.

  • Quiet

E.g. I’ll have a quiet word with him.

  • Chill

E.g. I don’t want go to a noisy place tonight. Let’s go somewhere that’s chill.

Alternative Ways to Say DANGEROUS

  • Unsafe

E.g. Experts say unsafe buildings increased the number of deaths from the earthquake.

  • Risky

E.g. The second option was just as risky in many ways and would take much longer.

  • Perilous

E.g. Jame proved himself quite equal to the perilous situation.

  • Precarious

E.g. With a precarious tilt of the bicycle, he turned and rode off.

  • Hazardous

E.g. This ill-planned and hazardous enterprise was fraught with the elements of inevitable failure.

Alternative Ways to Say ANGRY

  • Enraged

E.g. The enraged demonstrators charged at the police, throwing rocks and Molotov cocktails.

  • Outraged

E.g. Hellen is outraged because a colleague stole her idea and then received a promotion because of it.

  • Ticked (off)

E.g. Because the employees came to work late, their boss was ticked off all day.

  • Steaming

E.g. I can’t believe I have to work three weeks without a day off. I’m steaming mad.

  • Incensed

E.g. He was so incensed; he’d try as many times as it took.

Alternative Ways to Say POWERFUL

  • Influential

E.g. The nobles and the clergy were rich and influential but kept in order by the civil power.

  • Strong

E.g. It has strong financial support.

  • Mighty

E.g. That guy was a mighty handsome stud.

  • High-powered

E.g. A high-powered Harvard law professor won the case with ridiculous ease.

  • Dominant
    E.g. He is a very dominant figure in the industry, so everyone listens to his advice

Alternative Ways to Say HELPFUL

  • Useful

E.g. This makes it useful for studying genetic history.

  • Beneficial

E.g. The changes provided beneficial ownership for its staff.

  • Charitable

E.g. The company, through its charitable foundation, pledged $5 million to the memorial.

  • Cooperative

E.g. The W-T-O says the result is a world economy that is stronger and more cooperative.

  • Advantageous

E.g. It is therefore the employment of a given capital which is most advantageous to society.

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