Adjectives Ending in -ED and -ING

We form some adjectives from verbs by adding -ing or -ed endings to them. Adjectives that end -ed and adjectives that end -ing are often confused.

1. Adjectives ending in –ing

  1. Adjectives ending in -ing describe the effect that something has on someone's feelings. They describe a process or state that continues over a period of time and have an active meaning.
  2. The suffix -ing is related to cause. When the adjective ends in -ing, it means that the person or thing causes this particular effect.
  • The lesson is boring. (In this sentence BORING characterizes lesson. It bores students.)
  • Snakes terrify me. They are such terrifying creatures.
  • Julia thinks politics is very interesting.
  • The news was shocking.

2. Adjectives ending in –ed

  1. Adjectives ending in -ed describe people's feelings. They have the same form as the past participle of a transitive verb and have a passive meaning.
  2. When the adjective ends in -ed, it means that the person or thing experiences this particular effect.
  • The students are bored with the lesson. (In this sentence, BORED is how the students feel)
  • Snakes terrify me. I'm always terrified when I see one.
  • Julia is very interested in politics.
  • We were shocked when we heard the news.

3. We can use the following words before adjectives ending in -ing and -ed: extremely, quite, very, not very, not...

  • I'm extremely interested in history.
  • He was very bored with the lecture.
  • They are quite exciting.
  • I was not very surprised.
  • ...

4. List of Adjectives ending in -ed and -ing

  • Amaze – amazing - amazed
  • Annoy – annoying - annoyed
  • Astonish – astonishing - astonished
  • Bore – boring - bored
  • Convince – convincing - convinced
  • Disgust – disgusting - disgusted
  • Embarrass – embarrassing - embarrassed
  • Excite – exciting - excited
  • exhaust - exhausting - exhausted
  • depress - depressing - depressed
  • disappoint – disappointing - disappointed
  • frighten - frightening - frightened
  • interest – interesting - interested
  • relax – relaxing - relaxed
  • satisfy – satisfying - satisfied
  • shock – shocking - shocked
  • surprise - surprising - surprised
  • terrify – terrifying - terrified
  • tire – tiring - tired
  • worry – worrying - worried
  • ...

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Adjectives Ending in -ED and -ING

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