Action Verbs in English

Action verb are words that expresses action and tells what the subject of a sentence does.

Common Action Verbs in English

Action words in English – Video

  • Carry – carry somebody/something to support the weight of somebody/something and take them or it from place to place; to take somebody/something from one place to another
  • Come – to move to or towards a person or place
  • Drink  – to take liquid into your mouth and swallow it
  • Go – to move or travel from one place to another
  • Lead – to go with or in front of a person or an animal to show the way or to make them go in the right direction
  • Ask – to say or write something in the form of a question, in order to get information
  • Catch – to stop and hold a moving object, especially in your hands
  • Cook –  to prepare food by heating it, for example by boiling, baking or frying it
  • Bite – to use your teeth to cut into or through something
  • Cut – to make an opening or a wound in something, especially with a sharp tool such as a knife or scissors
  • Float – to move slowly on water or in the air
  • Juggle – to throw a set of three or more objects such as balls into the air and catch and throw them again quickly, one at a time
  • Climb – to go up something towards the top
  • Dig – to make a hole in the ground or to move soil from one place to another using your hands, a tool or a machine
  • Fold –  to bend something, especially paper or cloth, so that one part lies on top of another part
  • March –  to walk with stiff regular steps like a soldier
  • Mop – to clean /remove liquid from the surface of something using a mop/cloth
  • Sing – to make musical sounds with your voice in the form of a song or tune
  • Sew  –  to use a needle and thread to make stitches in cloth
  • Throw  – to send something from your hand through the air by moving your hand or arm quickly

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