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6 Boring Words and What to Use Instead

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Boring words and how to replace these words in English? Are you looking for the best synonyms for a common, maybe even overused word? Let’s take a close look at the lesson below.

Other Ways to Say “RICH”

1. Wealthy

  • The couple are said to be fabulously wealthy.

2. Prosperous

  • Farmers are more prosperous in the south of the country.

3. Affluent

  • Cigarette smoking used to be commoner among affluent people.

4. Well-off/better off (informal)

  • They are much better off than us.

5. Well-heeled

  • His family was very well-heeled.

6. Fat cat

  • His father is a fat cat business person.

7. Flush

  • He is always flush of money.

8. Loaded (Slang)

  • She came into the room carrying a loaded tray.

9. Well-to-do

  • They’re very well-to-do.

10. Opulent

  • Most of the cash went on supporting his opulent lifestyle.

11. Deep-pocketed

  • Anyone who tries to help that company will need deep pockets – it is nearly bankrupt.

12. In the money

  • He used to be always wanting a loan, and then all at once, he was in the money.

13. Well-fixed

  • There were 5 members in my well-fixed family with very enlightened and liberal parents.

14. Moneyed

  • I do not know he is the most moneyed all over the world.

6 Boring Words and What to Use Instead 1

Other Ways to Say “STRANGE”

1. Odd

  • They’re very odd people.

2. Weird

  • It’s really weird seeing yourself on television.

3. Surreal

  • The play was a surreal mix of fact and fantasy.

4. Unusual

  • It’s unusual for the trees to flower so early.

5. Bizarre

  • He made some totally bizarre comments.

6. Offbeat

  • He has a rather offbeat sense of humour.

7. Peculiar

  • I had a peculiar feeling we’d met before.

8. Queer

  • It all sounds a bit queer to me.

9. Eccentric

  • The old lady was getting very eccentric.

10. Astonishing

  • I find it absolutely astonishing that you didn’t like it.

11. Uncanny

  • I had an uncanny feeling I was being watched.

12. Unheard of

  • At that time, it was completely unheard-of for girls to go to university.

13. Extraordinary

  • It’s extraordinary that he managed to sleep through the party.

14. Curious

  • It was a curious feeling, as though we were floating on air.

Other Ways to Say "STRANGE"

Other Ways to Say “OLD”

1. Aged

  • Having aged relatives to stay in your house can be quite stressful.

2. Ancient

  • He’s ancient—he must be at least fifty!

3. Antique

  • They have a lot of antique furniture.

4. Archaic

  • It’s just an archaic and vestigial cap

5. Out-of-date

  • Suddenly she felt old and out of date.

6. Vintage

  • This is a vintage plane.

7. Dated

  • Those TV comedies were OK in their day but seem incredibly dated now.

8. Worn

  • The stone steps were worn and broken.

9. Elderly

  • There was an elderly couple on the terrace.

10. Getting on (Informal)

  • We’ll be getting on with our lives.

11. Past it (Informal)

  • In some sports you’re past it by the age of 25.

12. Over the hill (informal)

  • Youngsters seem to think you’re over the hill at 40!

13. As old as the hills (idioms)

  • Bluto is as old as the hills, he’s ugly and he’s dumb.

14. Mature

  • Jane is very mature for her age.

15. Senescent

  • In senescent people many of these become brittle and weak.

6 Boring Words and What to Use Instead 2

Other Ways to Say “FAMOUS”

1. Well-known

  • He’s well-known in the local community.

2. Notable

  • The town is notable for its ancient harbour.

3. Remarkable

  • She was a truly remarkable woman.

4. Renowned

It is renowned as one of the region’s best restaurants.

5. Fabled

For the first week he never actually saw the fabled Jame.

6. The one and only

Here he is, the one and only Van Morrison!

7. Prominent

She was prominent in the fashion industry.

8. Celebrated

He was soon one of the most celebrated young painters in England.

9. Acclaimed

She has published six highly acclaimed novels

10. Legendary

His political skill is legendary.

11. Illustrious

The composer was one of many illustrious visitors to the town.

12. Eminent

He is eminent both as a sculptor and as a portrait painter.

6 Boring Words and What to Use Instead 3

Other Ways to Say “BAD”

1. Awful

  • I feel awful about forgetting her birthday.

2. Terrible

  • It was a terrible thing to happen to someone so young.

3. Crummy

  • She lives in a really crummy area.

4. Wack (slang)

  • That movie was really wack.

5. Crappy/ Shitty (slang)

  • Peter’s been in a shitty mood all morning.

6. Rotten

  • I’ve had a rotten day!

7. Naughty

  • I’m being very naughty—I’ve ordered champagne!

8. Dreadful

  • It’s dreadful the way they treat their staff.

9. Nasty

  • I had a nasty feeling that he would follow me.

10. Wicked

  • Tara hasn’t lost her wicked sense of humour.

11. Lousy

  • I’ve had a lousy day.

12. Unpleasant

  • He was very unpleasant to me.

13. Disagreeable

  • The conversation was disagreeable to her.

14. Wretched

  • I felt wretched about the way things had turned out.

15. Horrible

  • I’ve got a horrible feeling she lied to us

16. Outrageous

  • I can’t believe that she said the most outrageous things.

17. Despicable

  • I hate you! You’re despicable.

18. Disgraceful

  • His behaviour was absolutely disgraceful!

Other Ways to Say "BAD", "SAD"

Boring Words and What to Use Instead


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