50+ Plain-Language Substitutions for Wordy Phrases

Plain-language substitutions in English! Below is the list of 50+ pain-language substitutions for wordy phrases in English. Plain language is writing designed to ensure the reader understands as quickly, easily, and completely as possible.

Plain-Language Substitutions for Wordy Phrases

1. If at all possible ———————–>>>> If possible

2. If that wear the case ——————->>>> If so

3. In the absence of ———————->>>>Without

4. In accordance with ——————–>>>> By, following, per, under

5. In addition —————————->>>> Also, besides, too

6. In an effort to ————————->>>> To

7. In as much as ————————–>>>> Since, because

8. In a timely manner——————–>>>> On time, promptly

9. In back of——————————>>>> Behind

10. In close proximity———————>>>> Near, close

11. In connection with———————>>>> With, about, concerning

12. In consideration of the fact————>>>> Because

13. In excess of—————————>>>> More than

14. In favor of—————————–>>>> For

15. In lieu of——————————->>>> Instead, instead of

16. In light of the fact that—————–>>>> Because

17. In many cases————————->>>> Often

18. In order that—————————>>>> For, so

19. In order to—————————–>>>> To

20. In other words————————>>>> Or, that is

21. In possession of———————–>>>> Have

22. In regard/ reference to—————–>>>> About, concerning, on

23. In short supply————————>>>> Scarce

24. In the amount of———————->>>> For

25. In such a manner as to—————–>>>> To

26. In the course of————————>>>> During, while

27. In the event (of)———————–>>>> If

28. In the first place———————–>>>> First

29. In the instance of———————->>>> For

30. In the matter of———————–>>>> About

31. In the near future———————->>>> Soon, shortly

32. In the vicinity of———————–>>>>  Around, near, close to

33. In terms of—————————->>>> In, of

34. In view of—————————–>>>> Since, because

35. In view of the above——————->>>> So

36. Is applicable to————————>>>> Applies to

37. Is authorized to————————>>>> May

38. Is responsible for———————->>>> Handles

39. Is unable to—————————->>>> Cannot

40. It appears—————————–>>>> Seems

41. It is clear that—————————>>>> Clearly

42. It is essential—————————>>>> Must, need to

43. It is evident that————————>>>> Evidently

44. It is my intention to——————–>>>> I will, I intend

45. It is obvious that————————>>>> Obviously

46. It is often the case that——————>>>> Often

47. It is probable that———————–>>>> Probably

48. It is requested————————–>>>> Please, we request

49. In as much as—————————>>>> Since, because

50. It is recommended———————->>>> We recommend

51. In view of the fact————————>>>> Because

52. It will be necessary———————–>>>> Will need to

53. I’d appreciate it if you would————–>>>> Please

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Plain-Language SubstitutionsPin

Plain-Language SubstitutionsPin

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Language Maven
Language Maven
13 days ago

“If that wear the case” LOL!

There’s another mistake in that one!

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