50+ Different Ways to Say I’m Going to Sleep in English

What are some different ways to say I’m going to sleep? Learn useful phrases and idioms to use when you are going to sleep with ESL infographic.

Different Ways to Say I’m Going to Sleep

  • Hit the hay sack
  • Hit the shucks
  • It’s bedtime
  • Rip and tear
  • Rack down
  • Shut-eye
  • Stretch out
  • Take a snooze
  • I think I’ll turn in
  • Turning in
  • About to retire
  • Bag down
  • Bag the z’s
  • Beat
  • Bed
  • Bedtime
  • Black out
  • Blow some z’s
  • Bunk for the night
  • Call it quits
  • Cash in
  • Cash in my chips
  • Catch me a nod
  • Catch some shut eye
  • Catch some z’s
  • Get forty winks
  • Get in the feathers
  • Get in the hay
  • Get in the sack
  • Get my beauty sleep
  • Get some shut
  • Get some sleep-eye
  • Going to the feather ball
  • Going to the rack
  • Going to the roost
  • Going to turn in for the night
  • Going up the golden stairs
  • Going up the wooden hill
  • Catch up on my beauty sleep
  • Catch up on some sleep
  • Cop a few z’s
  • Cop some z’s
  • Cork off
  • Count sheep
  • Crash
  • Crawl in the straw
  • Crawl into the sack
  • Dreamland
  • Drop-in on the hay
  • Fab down
  • Fall into bed
  • Falling in
  • Feed my nightmares
  • Flatten the mattress
  • Fly up
  • Fly up for the night

Different Ways to Say I’m Going to Sleep | Pictures

Different Ways to Say I'm Going to SleepPin

Different Ways to Say I'm Going to SleepPin

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1 year ago

I am not a native speaker. An English friend of mine uses “bail to bed”. Is it OK?

1 year ago
Reply to  Nat

Yes it is, I do use it myself. Have a good one 🙂

1 year ago
Reply to  Nat

Yup 👍

Joe Smith
Joe Smith
9 months ago
Reply to  Nat

It is if you’re 22, not if you’re 42.

Nicholas Sears
Nicholas Sears
1 year ago

I’ve never heard “rip and tear” can someone identify the origin of the phrase?

1 year ago
Reply to  Nicholas Sears

when you fart but its more than a fart…

alan story
alan story
21 days ago
Reply to  Nicholas Sears

I believe it’s referring to the zzzz of snoring sounding like a saw ripping and tearing into wood.

Last edited 21 days ago by alan story
10 months ago

What is “hay” supposed to mean?

Joe Smith
Joe Smith
9 months ago
Reply to  Tae

Hay is very long grass cultivated and bound into bales primarily for farm animals to eat. However, it is also used in stables and as bedding material for all sorts of animals and im sure at one time was used in mattresses for people. Im not 100% positive but Id bet the house on it that this is where the term hay in reference to sleeping or going to sleep originated from.

azrael devotch
azrael devotch
8 months ago

my friend says hide from the killers

Ayesha Akter
Ayesha Akter
5 months ago


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