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40+ Phrasal Verbs Used as Commands in English (with Meaning and Examples)

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Phrasal verbs are a type of multi-word verb that consists of a base verb and one or more particles, which change the meaning of the verb. These can be used as commands to give directions, instructions, or orders.

Phrasal verbs used as commands are often found in imperative sentences, which are used to give a command or make a request. The subject of an imperative sentence is usually not stated, and the verb is often in the base form, without “to” in front of it.

Phrasal Verbs Used as Commands

List of 40+ Phrasal Verbs Used as Commands in English

1. Back away!

Meaning: Move backwards, away from something frightening or dangerous

Example: Back award! A bomb has been discovered by a policeman.

2. Back off!

Meaning: (slang – rude) Stop bothering or threatening someone

Example: I will not keep calm so Back off!

3. Back up!

Meaning: Move backwards; step backwards; drive backwards

Example: Back up! You can’t go up the hill forwards

4. Bear down!

Meaning: Push or press down hard

Example: Bear down! And you will pass the test.

5. Bend down!

Meaning: Lean over and forward; lean down

Example: Bend down and tie your shoelace.

6. Bend over!

Meaning: Lean forward from the waist

Example: Bend over and you will see these tiny things.

7. Breathe in!

Meaning: Take a breath in; take air into the lungs

Example: Breathe in! Place your hands on the small of your back.

8. Breathe out!

Meaning: Take a breath out; push air out of the lungs

Example: Breathe out! And ease your knees in toward your chest.

9. Bugger off!

Meaning: (slang – rude) Go away!

Example: Bugger off, will you? I do not want you here.

10. Butt out!

Meaning: (slang – rude) Don’t interfere

Example: Butt out! It’s none of your business.

11. Buzz off!

Meaning: (slang – rude) Go away!

Example: Buzz off, I’m trying to work!

12. Clean up!

Meaning: Clean yourself or your surroundings

Example: Clean up! Your room is so messy.

13. Carry on!

Meaning: Keep doing what you were doing

Example: Carry on, Jany. We will not interrupt you anymore.

14. Cheer up!

Meaning: Be happier; don’t be sad

Example: Cheer up! Victory is just round the corner.

15. Chill out!

Meaning: Relax; don’t be upset or angry

Example: Chill out! We’ll get there on time!

16. Calm down!

Meaning: Relax, don’t be angry, don’t be upset, don’t be worried

Example: Calm down! There’s nothing to worry about.

17. Close down!

Meaning: Close a shop or business so it is not operating

Example: Close down! I think it’s the reasonable choice for our company now.

18. Come back!

Meaning: Return to where you were

Example: Please come back. I want to make up. I want to be your Valentine.

19. Come down!

Meaning: Move down off something high

Example: “Come down and meet me tomorrow”, he said.

20. Come on!

Meaning: (Encouraging someone) Do what I am telling you to do

Example: Come on, children, it’s time to pack away your toys.

21. Come on!

Meaning: Rushing someone

Example: Move faster, Come on! We don’t have much time.

22. Come in!

Meaning: Enter a closed space

Example: Come in, please! . Don’t wait out in the rain.

23. Come out!

Meaning: Leave a closed space

Example: Come out! or I’ll bust the door down!

24. Come over!

Meaning: Come to my house; come to where I am

Example: Come over! Here’s a seat for you.

25. Come up!

Meaning: Move to a higher place

Example: Come up to the top of the hill with me, you will see amazing view.

26. Cool down!

Meaning: Relax; don’t be upset or angry

Example: Cool down! The soup is too hot.

27. Cover up!

Meaning: Put on more clothes
Example: Cover up, or stay out of the sun.

28. Double up!

Meaning: Form pairs because space or resources are limited

Example: Double up! We’ve only got one room left.

29. Dream on!

Meaning: (slang) I don’t think what you have just said will happen

Example: You think I’m going to help you move house? Dream on!

30. Drink up!

Meaning: Finish your drink

Example: Drink up! and let’s go home.

31. Eat up!

Meaning: Finish your food

Example: Eat up! You’ll be late for school.

32. Fess up!

Meaning: (slang) Confess / admit what you did; tell the truth about what you did

Example: “Come on, Fess up! – it was you who ate that last piece of cake, wasn’t it?

33. Finish up!

Meaning: Finish what you have been doing

Example: Finish up your dinner and you can have dessert.

34. Fuck off!

Meaning: (slang – very, very rude) Go away!

Example: Oh, fuck off! I’m tired of your complaints.

35. Gather around!

Meaning: Make a group and come together in one place

Example: Gather around, friends, and hear the news!

36. Gear up!

Meaning: Get ready to do something

Example: I am now in high school, it’s time gear up for study.

37. Get away!

Meaning: Move away; run away; escape

Example: Get away, you nasty toad!

38. Get down!

Meaning: Come down from a high place

Example: “Get down and don’t move,” the man roared at her.

39. Get in!

Meaning: Go inside something, like a car or bus

Example: Hurry up and get in the car!

40. Get off!

Meaning: Go out of something, like a bus or train

Example: Get off Jack, it seems there is something wrong with this bicycle.

41. Get on!

Meaning: Climb on board something moving or about to start moving, like a train

Example: Get on, we shall miss the plane at this rate.

42. Get out!

Meaning: (slang – rude) Leave this place! (used when angry at someone)

Example: I’ve had it up to here with you – get out!

43. Get up!

Meaning: Become awake; don’t sleep

Example: Get up! Brush your teeth, put on your jeans and go to the office.

Phrasal Verbs Used as Commands | Picture

Phrasal Verbs Used as Commands

Phrasal Verbs Used as Commands


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