40+ Most Common Collocations with DO

Looking for most commonly used collocations with the verb DO?...

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Looking for most commonly used collocations with DO?…

Collocations with DO

  • A course

E.g. We’re doing a course at the local university.

  • A deal

E.g. Have you done any deals with distributors in Asia yet?

  • A favour

E.g. Can you do me a favour?

  • A good/great/terrible job

E.g. You’ve done a good job cleaning the house!

  • A report

E.g. I’m doing a report on the history of American foreign policy.

  • Anything/something/everything

E.g. Are you doing anything special for your birthday?

E.g. You can’t do everything by yourself – let me help you.”

  • Badly

E.g. Everyone did badly on the test – the highest grade was 68

  • Better

E.g. We didn’t play well today, but I’m sure we’ll do better next time.

  • Business

E.g. We want to do business with you.

  • Crosswords

E.g. Do you like to do crossword puzzles?

  • Damage

E.g. Did the storm do much damage?

  • Exercise

E.g. I do at least half an hour of exercise every day.

  • Experiments

E.g. We did several experiments in science class today.

  • Good

E.g. Why don’t you go for a walk in the park? It’ll do you good.

  • Gymnastics

E.g. Do you know how to do gymnastics.

  • Harm

E.g. The floods didn’t do any serious harm to our crops.

  • Homework

E.g. I like to do homework.

  • Laundry

E.g. She does laundry every Saturday.

  • Nothing

E.g. Multi-vitamins do nothing to protect us from illness, experts warn.

  • Research

E.g. Jack is doing research on the market in Central Europe.

  • Someone a favour

E.g. He did us a big favour by postponing his departure for a couple of weeks.

  • Something right

E.g. I did something right at work.

  • Something wrong

E.g. He did something wrong and felt bad.

  • Sums

E.g. Calculators were forbidden until students could do sums in their heads.

  • The cleaning

E.g. I would do the cleaning up myself,” he said.

  • The cooking

E.g. You can do a lot of cooking with frozen meats and veggies and a few pantry staples.

  • The dishes

E.g. Whose turn is it to do the dishes tonight?

  • The housework

E.g. My mom does the housework everyday.

  • The ironing

E.g. I like listening to the radio while I’m doing the ironing.

  • The math

E.g. Why do you have no savings? You do the math.

  • The maximum

E.g. I try to do the maximum, 100 per cent, every game, every training session.

  • The minimum

E.g. He thought he was smart to save everything and do the minimum.

  • The paperwork

E.g. It took a few days for the mother to do the paperwork.

  • The right thing

E.g. When I found someone’s wallet on the sidewalk, I turned it in to the police because I wanted to do the right thing.

  • The shopping

E.g. We usually do the shopping at our local supermarket.

  • The washing up

E.g. I usually to the washing, but sometimes my husband does it.

  • Well

E.g. I think I did pretty well in the interview.

  • Work

E.g. I’ve done enough work for one day. I’m going home.

  • Your best

E.g. We did our best to win, but the other team played really well.

  • Your duty

E.g. The police were just doing their duty when they arrested him.

  • Your hair

E.g. I need the hair dresser to do my hair. Every morning I do my hair so it looks presentable.

  • Your makeup

E.g. How long does it take you to do your makeup?

  • Your nails

E.g. Can you open this envelope for me? I just did my nails and they’re still wet.

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Collocations with DO

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